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 Sewing Tips & Stitches 

How To Make A Button Hole Loop

How To Sew A Button Hole Stitch

How To Sew A Ladder Stitch (At The End Of Post)

How To Make Split Drawers For A Doll

Hand Sew Doll Pantalettes With Flat Felled Seams, Pintucks & Overcast Seams    

How To Flat Line A Doll Bodice

How To Make A Point On Apron "Tie Ends"

How To Make A Doll Chemise With Gores & Flat Felled Seams

How To Make A Doll Chemise With Gussets & Flat Felled Seams

Gathered (Ruched) Bodice With Piping 

Make A Doll Waist Pocket
Doll Handmade Straw Bonnet

How To Make An Apron With Van Dyke Point Trim 

Stuffed Animal Sewing Techniques 

How To Sew Eyes In A Stuffed Bear Or Animal

1905 Ladies Home Journal Elephant

Mrs. Bufkins Straw Bonnet

Doll Bodies & Sewing Techniques 

Hand Sewn Doll Bodies & Stuffing Hints

How To Sew Doll Legs With Stockings & Shoes  

Braided Hair (Plaited Bun)

Doll Quilts 

How To Miter A Corner-(Within the post) 

How To Make A Scrappy Log Cabin Dolly Quilt

How To Make A Scrappy Nine Patch Dolly Quilt

Doll Beds & Bedding 

Matelasse Coverlet For Doll Rope Bed 

 How To Make A Dollhouse or Doll's Braided Rug

How To Make A Tufted Doll Mattress

Antiqued Bavarian Blanket Chest For Doll Rope Bed

How To Make Chalkware Figurines From Antique Chocolate Molds 

How To Paint & Put A Wax Finish On Chalkware Figurines

Large Easter Bunny & Pigs-Chalkware Figurines

 Fabric Books 

How To Make A Fabric Book From A Pre-Printed Panel

Fabric Book-A Is For Annabelle-Part 1

Fabric Book-A Is For Annabelle-Part 2 

Fabric Book-A Is For Annabelle-Part 3 

Fabric Book-A Is For Annabelle-Finished

Gingerbread House 

How To Make A Dollhouse Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House-Getting Started-Part 1 

Gingerbread House-Construction Dough-Part 2 

Gingerbread House-Begin Decorating The House-Part 3

Gingerbread House-Assemble The House-Part 4 

Gingerbread House-Finish Decorating-Part 5

Easter Old Fashioned

Gumpaste Flowers For Panoramic Sugar Eggs-Part 2 

Decorate The Inside Of A Panoramic Sugar Eggs-Part 3 

Decorate The Outside Of A Panoramic Sugar Eggs-Part 4

Finished Panoramic Sugar Eggs

Panoramic Sugar Heart For Mother's Day

 Misc. Crafts

Log Cabin Christmas Jar

Apple Sauce & Cinnamon Ornaments 

How To Make A Barbed Wire Wreath


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  1. Oh! My! This list is so very wonderful. Everything imaginable for the doll maker. Thanks so very much!
    I am in MAIDA and saw your link to your site here.
    Have a lovely New Years!
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