Friday, March 7, 2014

Tutorial-How To Make Split Drawers For A Dolly

I've made Miss Lucy a comfy pair of split drawers
with a tie waistband.  I chose a semi sheer soft cotton,
so I could make plenty of gathers for a roomy bottom.

This shows the splits better.
I took photos along the way, sorry it's another
white on white tutorial!  No pattern, no measuring
& easily adaptable to any size dolly.  Do them
on the machine, fast and easy!
I cut a length of fabric long enough to go around Lucy's
waist, plus enough to make a small bow and hang down
the appropriate length.  Lucy's a small doll, the width
of the fabric was about 1 1/8 inch wide.  Adjust
for the size of your doll.

I ironed it in half.

Then ironed the edges toward the inside.

Waistband and ties one long piece.

I cut 2 rectangles.

Then folded them lengthwise.
These are the 2 leg pieces needed.
The folds are on the outside.

I placed one folded leg on the doll to determine
 how long the opening or split needed to be,
also to determine where the straight part
of the lower leg started plus width of lower leg.
Folded edge is on the side, top is placed on
Lucy's natural waistline.
I marked in pencil the point where the
split would stop, (left side toward the top of photo)
 I extended the mark about 1/2 in. inward.
The split drawers are self facing, this fabric
will be folded and stitched down.  I left the straight
part of the leg long.  I wanted pin tucks and
wasn't sure how many I would do.  Better too much
than not enough fabric.  I drew a line connecting
the 2 points.

You can easily see the 1/2 in section
on the top left of photo that will be
folded over to make the facing of the
split openings.
Both leg pieces cut.

This is what 1 leg looks like opened up.
On the wrong side of the fabric, I folded the self facing
1/4 in. toward the center, then folded 1/4 in again
 and stitched it down.

Both sides stitch down.
I also folded and ironed my pin tucks
and stitched them.  I trimmed the bottom
 leaving enough fabric for a small hem.
I then stitched the hem down & sewed the lace on
the bottom edge. (I forgot that photo)

My pin tucks aren't very straight.
This seam of the legs is a french seam.
I pinned the WRONG sides together.
Stitched and trimmed seam.
I turned the leg to the wrong side and
pressed the seam.
Then stitched the final french seam line.
One leg done.
If your are careful, you can match your tucks.
I pinned the placement for adding the legs to
to the waist band.  Yellow pin is the center, pink
pins are the folded side edge & the white pins are
the back stopping point.
I stitched 2 rows for gathering at the top of each leg.
I pinned the waist band to the right side of the
gathered legs according to the proper placement.
I used the fold line as my stitching line.
I then folded the waist band toward the inside.
Pinned and stitched the waistband down.
I stitched the tie edges and ends together.
 Lucy loves her drawers.  She says they're
soft, comfy & don't ride up her bottom!

Sew easy!


  1. Thanks to you, Sherri, my next doll will be dressed in split drawers...As always, your tutorials are so helpful and your work is picture perfect. I have learned so much here at Little Cabin Creations!

  2. Super cute on her. How clever of you. I like the tie like you made it. Such beautiful work Sherri. thanks for showing us how to do it. I didn't have a clue before I read this.

  3. Yay for Lucy! Your tutorials are always remarkable. Do you mind if I pin them to my Pinterest Doll clothes board?

  4. Very nice split drawer tutorial with easy to follow instructions. I've never made split drawers before.

  5. Another wonderful tutorial...cant wait to make some for my dollies! Thanks so much!


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