Friday, April 26, 2013

Bake A Dolly?

Doll maker Martha Bishop makes the most
wonderful folk art primitive rag dolls.  She kindly
sent me a finished doll body and 2 dolls ready
to be stuffed, as well as the directions for baking
and aging my 2 dolls.  You can see her beauties at
Martha's Rag Dolls
 I love Martha's simple primitive faces.

It was so much fun to get right to the stuffing
and face sculpting, although I think my faces
look a bit more like space aliens or scary demented
clowns than folk art primitive dollies!
I've baked lots of cakes, cookies and pies in my day,
but never a dolly!

 Her recipe includes a mixture of strong tea, cinnamon, nutmeg
and ginger, that is brushed all over the dolls bodies.
 Then baked at a low temperature, turning every 15 minutes.
I was so tempted to serve one to
my hubby for dinner!
A light brushing and some fine sandpaper gives them a
lovely aged look.  They smell good too.
Well, they didn't turn out too bad.
What shall I make for them to wear?
I envision a scrappy red dress and a
patriotic Uncle Sam or perhaps an Abe Lincoln.
This bevy of beauties has certainly been causing
a ruckus in the doll room..........

Happy Sewing Baking!

History Of The Three Wise Monkeys-Mizaru,Kikazaru & Iwazaru

Thanks Martha, It was a fun challenge to get out of my box
and attempt something different!


  1. You made me giggle, not at the dolls but at the fun you are having. They are wonderful!

  2. Sherri. I so enjoyed this. You did so great with your dolls. they are totally primitive and sweet. their faces are just perfect, just as primitive as can be. no body could have done it better. I love the last picture of the hands up in the air. So much fun and so sweet. Rag dolls are like that. they charm you every single day. they really let you play with them and always draw attention. I just love all you did. I bet they will have great clothes too. You still make the best cloth dolls ever of anyone I know.

  3. Ditto what Martha said--your dolls' faces are perfect! I like walnut ink, but it doesn't smell good like the spiced aging grunge sauce. My baking of dolls so far is mostly paper clay, but you guys make me want to sew rag dolls! They are just so friendly and comfortable.

  4. They actually do look almost good enough to eat, and certainly must smell delicious. I am looking forward to seeing how you dress them...will be good I know!


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