Saturday, October 18, 2014

Animal Brown Bag Molds

 I've gotten paper castings of a few more
Brown Bag molds.  Big Chicken is one of
 Lucy's early molds that has the primitive
 folk art look I'm especially fond of.
Poor dear, she looks like she's ready to lay 
a rather large egg, or the farmer is headed
 her way with a hatchet!
Big Chicken-1988
height-5 in
width-6 1/4 in

Lucy made 2 Noah's Ark molds.  This is the
early version that has a simple design.
This mold is very sweet when painted
in water colors for a "new baby" card or
in a shadowbox frame.
Noah's Ark-1996
height-6 1/2 in
width-5 1/4 in

  A photo in the cat family album.
Cat Family Album-1996
height-6 1/2 in
width-5 in
Hope you're having lovely fall weather!