Sunday, December 4, 2016


Christmas is just around the corner. 
Time to get our a few decorations.
 The nativity set was in need of a new creche,
so I asked the hubs if he had enough barn 
wood scraps left to make one.  He went
 above and beyond my simple request.
He installed a night light to illuminate the inside.
 These paper mache nativity pieces 
are marked U. S. zone Germany, which dates 
them shortly after WWII.
A sweet little angel keeps
watch over baby Jesus.
It's large enough I can add a
few more animals down the road.

The hubs whittled a working latch
 for the animal enclosure gate.

I love the colors, still bright 
after all these years.

A young Shepard boy dressed in pink,
 with stripped socks!

  I think he did a great job....thank you hubs.
Enjoy the season!