Saturday, September 16, 2017

Hall's Lifetime Furniture Dollhouse Finished-Nautical Room

Summer is about over and we've been busy
here at the cabin.  The hubs has enjoyed working
in his wood shop.  He finished his third sea
chest, this one is for our son. 
 The current project is learning to make shaker boxes.
His wood bench is full of cherry wood shaker box parts,
 his homemade pan for boiling water and molds.
The molds and pieces keep 
get smaller and smaller.
I'm looking forward to seeing
the finished boxes.

Ava's miniature room is almost finished.
 The nautical bedroom is on it's way to being completed too.    
My friend Sigi in Germany was working on 
a nautical beach house shadowbox at the same time
I was working on this room.  We sent one another 
little nautical exchange packages in the mail.
Lots of surprises and a joy to share with a friend
on the other side of the world!
These Galleon ships were 1950's pins that Sigi
sent from Germany.  I repainted and mounted
them on walnut plaques the hubs made.
Sigi and her husband Gerhard took a trip to the
Baltic seacoast in northern Germany and found 
the miniature ship in a bottle.  Sigi walked the beach 
with a bucket and sand shovel and collected the tiny
beautiful seashells and beach sand.
  I am so lucky to have a husband that supports
my dollhouse projects and loves a wood working 
project, no matter how small.  But, when it comes to 
decorating, tiny curtains, dishes and minis, he leaves
 that part to me.  However, his interest in the nautical
room was at an all time high.  
Without a doubt, this is the hubs favorite
miniature!  A little treasure.
The Passat is a four-masted barque of the
Flying-P-Liners, the famous sailing cargo ships of
the F. Laeisz German shipping company and one of
the last surviving windjammers  The Passat was launched
in 1911.  Passat means trade wind in German.  The Passat is
now a youth hostel, museum ship and landmark
moored at Travemunde, Germany on the Baltic Sea.
© Gordy
I decorated little straw beach hats with rick rack 
and made some tiny beach towels out of terry cloth
for the nautical beach bags.
I added some nautical trim to the
decorative pillows and made a small
quilt for the bed from fabric and trim
Sigi sent.
I finished the Mariner and the Moon Teresa Layman 
miniature knot work rug.  Half way through the 
project the color chart disappeared and I was in a panic!
  She was kind enough to send me a new chart in the mail
when I e-mailed her....that's customer service.  
Thank you Teresa!!
I hubs made a tiny wooden candle
for the brass candle holder.
 Sigi made the fishnet and I decorated
it with bits of wine bottle cork, coral, shells 
and charms.  I hung it on a stained piece of
 wooden dowel.
Steve made tiny wooden stands
for the bottles of shells and sand.
A beach gnome lives in the sea chest,
a little surprise for Ava to "find" when she
plays in the Double Decker.
 I still have a couple miniature knot work kits 
for the room, but those will be winter projects.
Sigi sent a personalized 65th birthday card
with a photo of her beach house shadow box
that included her tiny handmade sailors knots.
These will look perfect mounted on a plaque.

Her beach house shadow box is beautiful and 
I love the Dora Kuhn pieces she's included.
 I'm ready to shrink very small
and enjoy a beach vacation!
Cappy has made a full recovery from her back
injury, but her days of jumping up and down are
over.  Her bed is no longer in her favorite chair and
the stairs are off limits.  She is not too happy with
the new house rules, but it's for her own good. 
I hope your summer has been as 
nice as ours!
Thanks Sigi for sharing in this fun project!