Friday, April 18, 2014

Tutorial-How To Put A Finish On Chalkware

Although I enjoyed playing with plaster,
when it came to painting, it was a total disaster!
It seems like I painted for days and days.
I must have painted them 3 different ways.
I had paint on my clothes & paint in my hair.
Good grief, I had paint everywhere.
How many times can you paint a bunny's eye?
Enough to make a grown woman want to cry.
According to my visual measuring stick,
in places, the paint is a quarter inch thick.
I must admit it wasn't much fun.
Thank God, the bunnies are FINALLY done!!!

I wanted a very soft patina for the bunnies.  Since Plaster of
Paris is strictly for the indoors, I decided to go with a hard
wax finish.  Just to brighten the colors and protect the paint.
Polyurethane is a good finish too.

I 've used Briwax products for years.  It comes in different
colors and it's so versatile.  You can use it on fine antiques,
 paint, raw wood, metal & even cement.  I was out, but I ran across
 this product when I was looking for Briwax.  Thought I'd give
it a try.  Available at Home Depot and Michael's Crafts.
What's old is new again!
It's just like shining your shoes.  I actually put on
a thin layer with a paint brush.  Let it dry & buffed.
 Repeated for a second coat.  It was very easy
to work with.

After a few days, it cures to a very hard finish with
a beautiful soft patina.  From then on, just dust with
Pledge or whatever you normally use.

I put little ribbons on the girl's bunnies.

Not sew easy.  I'm going back to my needle & thread.
To all the ladies that paint dolls so beautifully, I have
an even greater admiration for your fine talent!


  1. Golly gee, the bunnies are beautiful!!! I knew they would be! I love the wax finish; something I would like to try on a doll.

  2. Well you have been hiding that painting talent you said you didn't have. These are beautiful and very professional looking. they are just wonderful. the soft finish is really nice. I like the ribbons too and the flowers on the mold. Your good friends will be so proud of their rabbits, but I am not surprised that you did such a beautiful job, I believe I said once that is Sherri makes something, it will be fine and delightful.

  3. Oh my goodness, these bunnies are fantastic. For such a "disaster", they turned out very well. Painting does take quite some time, it's messy and does get all over. I have a drawer full of painting rags! Love the little flowers.

    Have a Happy Easter.

  4. You did a wonderful job! They are so pretty! Have a wonderful Easter!

  5. I think you don't give yourself enough credit--your painting is beautiful!


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