Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How To Sew A French Seam & Maddy''s Undies

Maddy is so happy to have some undies!
But first a very short tutorial...........
The French seam has been around for ages, literally since
 the 10th century.  It hit it's heyday here in American during
 the Edwardian period, when sheer thin fabrics were so popular.
 The French seam is neat and tidy, and perfect for fabric
that tends to fray easily.
Sew simple too.
Fabric has a right side & a wrong side.
For a regular seam, the right sides are placed together
and sewn on the seam line.  Indicated here in blue.
The French seam begins by placing the wrong sides
together.  I have shown the seam line in blue.

The first seam line is sewn about 1/4inch away from
the regular seam line, on the side closest to the raw edge.
(Adjust for small doll seams)
The seam is then trimmed,
unfolded and pressed.
 Fold again with your right sides together.
You can now see the original seam line I
drew on the wrong side of the fabric.
Sew on the original seam line.
Open up and press.
 The outside looks just like a regular seam.
On the inside the raw edges are completely enclosed.
Neat, tidy & no raw edges to fray.

How simple is that?
 Well worth the extra effort!
 Back to Maddy's undies.........
A linen chemise & cotton bloomers.
Both are edged in a vintage petite cotton
  lace with a blue edge.
The chemise has flat felled seams, 
gores & tiny underarm gussets.
Her bloomers are sewn with French seams
and a hand sewn buttonhole. 
(I'll do a tutorial on buttonholes if anyone is
 interested. Really, they aren't that hard.)
Her pin tucks are a bit crooked, but I was heavily
involved in a movie on TV. 
She has a flannel petticoat & one made from the
ruffle of an old nightgown.
I used a button loop with an antique calico button
for her fancy petticoat.
Maddy's oupa has whittled her a doll & she
has requested some whittled farm animals.
She would like them painted.
 Me and a paintbrush..........????
Lucy and Annabelle have found homes on
the old wash stand with the little quilts.
They each have their own special chair.
 Next in line for undies is Miss Lucy.
I must say she hasn't complained.  Give her
some books to read, a teddy to cuddle &
she's a happy content girl!
Annabelle hasn't learned to read yet, but
she loves the pictures.  Lucy's shares her
books, but has told Annabelle not to dog
ear the pages!
Happy doll making!


  1. These sweet girls couldn't have found a better home; spoiled they may be, but loved to no end! Miss King, my high school Home Economics teacher was in love with French seams; remember them well! Seeing how you dress these dolls is going to be so much fun.

  2. Such a good post. I never really knew what a French seam was, but now that I do I will try some when I make a new dress. thank you for showing it to us. Maddy looks sweet in her pretty under clothes. The petticoats are just beautiful. Her wood doll is so cute. I see she has a fine necklace too. All the dolls have a pretty necklace. You have everything placed in the perfect spot. I knew they would get fine clothes. Everything is just beautiful.

  3. Oh, Sherri, you have them displayed so sweetly...Annabelle breaks my heart. I love French seams for long straight lines...and of course you are a master at the flat felled seams! I wonder if Maddy knows how lucky she is to be getting such a fine wardrobe? Lucky dolls, all around!

  4. The clothing is so well tailored. You've done exquisite work. The delicate lace on the bloomers is beautiful. You always do such detailed work. The dolls are beautifully made and look so comfy.

  5. I am just learning and really appreciate your tutorial on French seams, simple and yet so effective. I shall definitely use this kind of seam. The undies are beautifully tailored and I love the quilts.

  6. What fun!! Sweet dolls to dress in lovely clothes and then put them in such adorable settings! Could I come and bring my Fannie Marie to visit?

  7. Such a sweet doll and a great tutorial!

  8. What a great tutorial. Such pretty clothes on a pretty doll


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