Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Is For Annabelle Books-Finished

The A Is For Annabelle books by Tasha Tudor
are finally finished. 
  I am very pleased with the machine embroidery,
it was worth the wait.  I'm glad I decided to hand 
quilt the pages too, it took a long time, but they 
look like little quilts.
 I sewed a binding on the book covers just like 
I would a quilt.  Ava's in blue, Audrey's in pink. 
How To Make A Scrappy Nine Patch Dolly Quilt
I securely hand sewed the silk ribbon into
place, within the fold of the binding, 
on the underneath side.  
The first and last page finished. 

Just like the other fabric books, I sewed the pages
 together with all six strands of a coordinating color 
of embroidery thread.  I marked the cover and center
 page with synchronized marks, carefully aligning the
 interior pages in the proper order.
These books are thick, so I used a small pair 
of pliers to help pull the large needle through.
The front and back cover.
The center interior pages.
First page.
Ava's birthday's this month.
Audrey's special day is in May.
The girl's are very small, perhaps I'll put the books
away and work on a couple of Annabelle dolls.
(Great idea Mary!)
My 83 year old stepfather has been in the hospital 3 times 
since Thanksgiving with heart issues and a nasty bout of
the wicked beast, pneumonia.  With lots of TLC he's doing
 very well and we expect a full recovery.  Our daughter
is here for a 2 week visit. (break time at the theater)
We shall enjoy her visit.  Sewing is on hold for a bit.
Look for some "unusual" postcards in my next post. 


  1. The book is a work of art, Sherri. Enjoy your daughter's visit!

  2. I love these little books. Your work is Perfection Plus. I really do think a pretty little Make Do Doll will be perfect with each little book.

  3. the books look wonderful. So pretty. So much work to them, you really did a great making them. I know you will enjoy your daughter being home and hope you will get to do a lot of things together.

  4. The quilt book is beautiful. You made the book cover very special. I'm sorry to hear of your Stepfather's illness...I'm glad he is gaining his strength back especially since he had Pneumonia. My auntie suffered with this last winter. Enjoy your daughter's 2-week visit.


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