Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Aletha Mae's Undies & How To Make a Point On "Tie Ends"

Aletha Mae, my beautiful doll made by Martha
Bishop of Martha's Dolls, has her undies.
 I had a beautiful piece of cotton cambric or batiste.
 Cambric was used for childrens dresses, fine under
garments, babies gowns & hankies.  It's soft, finely 
woven, thin and has a slight sheen to it.  It was just big
 enough for all her under garments, if I kept them 
plain and simple.      
I made her chemise with flat felled seams and 
 underarm gussets, it easily slips over her head so 
there was no need for a back closure.  She has french seams
 in her split drawers that tie, and her gathered petticoat 
also ties.  They're trimmed with a small cotton cluny lace.
(These photos turned out blue??)
The petticoat and drawers have a waistband, with 
gathered ties stitched within the band on both ends.
This is how I made the ties with a point on the end.
My finished ties are about 3/4 in. wide and 15 in. long.
I wanted enough to tie a nice bow.
I cut my strips.  2 for each garment.
Folded & ironed the tie end toward the back side.
I clipped the edges.
Then folded & ironed toward the back, about
 3/16 on each side of the tie.
 I folded those edges again and ironed.
I clipped those little corners.  It's always good
 to reduce bulk if possible.
I folded the end as shown below & stitched it down.
Then whip stitched the folded edges of the ties.
Sew Easy!
Sew Pretty!
I have been very busy working outside in
the beautiful spring weather.  As much as I
like the "hobbit" look for the cabin, when 
the ivy starts growing over the windows and literally 
poking through the chinking, it's time for a major 
haircut!  There is also my meager garden to 
plant, decks to power wash, an old cabinet to paint,
a dolls rope bed to string.......
 I love spring!
I haven't given up on painting, I am working on the 
plaster of Paris big Easter bunny, little piggies and 
some whittled wooden farm animals that Maddy
requested.  I don't care how they turn out,
my goal is to learn more, practice & enjoy it this time!


  1. The patience and care you put into your hand sewing never fails to amaze and inspire me, Sherri. Wow. Have fun with your garden and out door work!

  2. Beautiful clothes. I realized quite awhile ago, that a lot of times it isn't the doll that attracts me, but what she is wearing. clothes are the icing on the cake. All the unders you have made are fine, so pretty and perfect, but I do like aletha's best. the cloth is wonderful. She is a lucky dolly. I can only imagine how pretty their dresses will be.

  3. A beautiful doll and beautiful the work of these two wonderfully talented artists!


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