Sunday, June 1, 2014

I've Done More Painting!

Even though Easter's come and gone & I did
NOT enjoy my first painting experience, I decided
 to stick with.  Besides, I have new brushes and paints,
 and it's not in my nature to give up!    
Big bunny needed something for his back pack,
so I got out the sculpey clay and made some
small eggs. I used the extruder tool to squish
out some grass.  Then baked it according
to the directions.
I had only purchased a few basic colors of paint,
a big bottle of brown and one small bottle of 
white........Duh!  You need white to mix the color
 you want!  Live and learn.
So, the bunny ended up rather dark.  I also used the 
dark brown creme wax as a finish on him.  It
definitely darkened the paint.
Next time, I will paint him with softer colors 
& gussy up his clothing.  I also think he'd make a nice
white Easter bunny.  However, this guy will make a nice
 doorstop at Easter time!
 I also had pigs to paint.
(The Santas will be painted when I'm in a
 Xmas mood and have the right colors.)
I used the dark creme wax on the pigs,
 I like the look.
  White lucky pigs for St. Patricks
 Day and pink farm pigs.
I also had some primitive hand whittled wooden 
farm animals I gessoed and painted as accessories
 for my Maddy doll.
I used the dark wax on these too.
They were so much fun to paint..........
Did I just say I enjoyed painting???


  1. You did a great job on all of these. I think you do have a natural painting talent. All the rabbits are pretty and the farm animals too. Sometimes we don't give ourselves a real chance to see if we will learn to enjoy something, it takes awhile and a little practice to begin to see the fun. I hope you will continue to paint in the future, and make some more pretty things.

  2. This looks like a professional job to me! The big rabbit is wonderful; the wax gave everything a real glow. I'm pretty much paint "challenged". :)

  3. I'm glad you didn't give up! You know what they say..."Practice brings perfection" and these animals look pretty good. I've never tried the crème wax before. I use an antiquing gel. Maybe I'll give this crème wax a try.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!! You have so got the painting bug. I love to paint! I love that you said, "I'm not the type to give up." Well, duh! The hours of teeny tiny stitches? Would drive a normal person barking mad. I especially love the dapper rabbit, with his fine blue coat. The wax gives these a nice luster and ages them so the effect. Enjoy your painting adventure! (Soon your husband will be like mine...afraid to sit still too long for fear of being painted.)


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