Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers Day Panoramic Sugar Heart

  When I was making the panoramic sugar eggs 
for Easter, I made a sugar heart, and decorated it with
 some extra sugar paste flowers for a Mother's Day gift. 
 This particular heart was made for a dear friend to
give to her Mother on her special day! 
I used a large inexpensive plastic heart that was 
purchased at Wal Mart several years ago.
 On the top half of the shell I used a cookie cutter
to cut out a heart shaped window.
This particular mold doesn't have a flat bottom, but 
sits at a slight forward angle when finished.  I works 
perfectly for a sugar mold.
The finished shell.
I found some lovely scrap booking Mother's
day stickers at Michael's.
I picked an assortment of gum paste flowers.

I built up the bottom with some royal icing frosting
 to make it level.
Added grass.
I added stickers and tiny flowers.
 I added a decorative piped border to the lower half
before adding the top.  It makes a nice pattern
that you can see when you peak inside.
I scraped the outside off.
I added a bright and cheerful border
and a small bouquet of assorted flowers.
Glad you had a wonderful 
Mother's Day Betty!!
You are a very special lady. 
See my tutorial's list on the upper
right side bar, for links on how
to make a panoramic sugar egg. 


  1. Sherri, you are the most creative person I know! This is just beautiful and what a wonderful keepsake.

  2. What a lovely confection! I got a baby magnolia tree. Happy Mom's Day to you, Sherri.

  3. another beautiful suger arrangement. the heart is grand. I know the lady who received it was astonished at what you made. You are the most creative person I know too. I enjoyed seeing this.

  4. What a beautiful gift! I agree with the others...you are so talented!

  5. Thanks ladies, creativity sometimes comes from necessity.........I had leftovers I didn't want to waste!

  6. It is so lovely! You did such a beautiful job!


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