Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Blanket Chest For The Little Rope Bed

Somehow I've managed to get 4 projects going at the
same time, something I rarely do.  I'm generally like the
turtles that cross the yard. They're slow, deliberate &
their direction is straight ahead to their final destination.
 I'd venture a guess that once in a while "old" turtles
 occasionally leave the path and wander aimlessly
through the woods.
 I've just finished a small chip carved blanket chest for the
rope bed.  Chip carving, or peasant carving, has been done
 by almost every society since the beginning of time.  It's
the simplest form of carving, yet so beautifully intricate.
 This chip carved box was an inexpensive flea market find.
It's not old & was probably a carvers practice piece.
To me, it said "I can become a doll's blanket
chest someday, please take me home".
8 inches long, 4 inches deep & 4 inches tall.
The box was carved from a soft wood that had no
grain to it, so I thought painting was a good choice. 
I wanted the chest to look similar to an antique
Bavarian style chest. (My inspiration
is at the end of the post)
 Home Depot has sample size jars of paint
that they'll mix in any color you choose.
Very inexpensive.
I chose a BEHR paint called Liberty Blue.
After the first painting and sanding, I didn't
 think it looked old enough.
So, I took it out to the hubs workshop and had fun
 with the electric hand sander.  I banged on it with
 a screwdriver & I used a small nail to put some worm
holes in it.  Then I gave it another coat of paint.
More sanding to simulate wear & I "lightly"
antiqued it with Minwax stain.
A coat of wax for a soft patina.
It ended up like this.
 Someone did a beautiful job carving it.
It fits perfectly at the end of the little rope bed.
 A total accident.........sometimes, in my flea market
cookie mold forays I find something I just can't live
 without.  I bring it home & put it away.  Two years
 later I "find" it again & sometimes I actually wind
 up using it!
My inspiration for the blanket chest.
17th Century Chip Carved Miniature Coffer

 Learn more about chip carving here:

 Wood Working History-How To Chip Carve

Now that I have cording for piping & button
 blanks to cover, I can get back to the bedding
for the larger doll bed.

Happy Whatever you're doing!


  1. Sherri, this is so pretty! What size is the chest? Is it large enough to actually put bedding inside? I have several small wooden boxes that would probably make good blanket chests ~ if I could get up the nerve to paint one. :)

  2. The little chest is great and it does fit the bed perfectly!

  3. Thank you Red, The box is 8 inches long, 4 deep and 4 tall. The bed is small & just by luck it fits. This bed is for a 10 inch carved linden wood doll from Switzerland. She was carved in the 1950's. I have had her for a while & looked endlessly for a bed to fit her. I thought a Bavarian style chest would be just what she needs. It actually has some of her special toys inside & her coverlet fits inside too. Soon as I make her some clothes I'll show her. (I seem to love naked dolls, or maybe I just feel sorry for them!) I love chip carving and look on E-bay a lot. I'd love a chest for the big bed I am working on. Be brave and paint, you can always re paint!

  4. You definitely have an eye for spotting little treasures-to-be, and then the giddy up and go to make it happen. Your little chest does look, amazingly enough, like the inspiration piece. I think I am like the "old turtle wandering aimlessly through the woods." And, for sure, I do have too many projects going on at once.

  5. I love that little chest! The proportions are absolutely perfect for a hope chest...and it was made for that bed.

  6. The chest is very old looking. Great job antiquing it. I think it is a pretty color too and goes perfect with the bed.

  7. You've done such a wonderful job with the little blue chest and it looks beautiful next to the rope bed. It's amazing to see your inspiration photo and how close you came! Fantastic.


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