Saturday, November 9, 2013

"A Is For ANNABELLE" - Book Project Part 2

I've been busy working on the 2 Annabelle books.
I have all the letter blocks done.

The strips used for the letter blocks were 1 3/4 inches
wide.  (All seams throughout the project- 1/4 inch.)
I sewed the top strips first.  (Throughout the project
 all the seams pressed toward the darker fabric.)
Then the side strips.
The panels had flower blocks that I used for
the front and back covers of the books.
I wanted the book covers to be a bit larger than
 the interior pages so these strips were 2 1/4
 inches wide.
The same goes for the spines of the book.
Page spines-2 1/2 inches wide.
Cover spines-3 1/2 inches wide.
I started with the book covers.
I chose the pink print for the inside of the book covers.

I want to bind the outside covers just like a quilt.
I had enough fabric left to make one binding from
the blue fabric and one from the pink.  Directions
for making and attaching the binding can
be found in this prior post.
Scrappy Nine Patch 

I also want my books to have ties, so I
will use a 1 1/2 in silk rose colored ribbon.
Before I finish the book covers, I want to send
them out to have some machine embroidery done.
I thought it would be nice to have the girls names
embroidered in the squares.  One for Ava and one
for Audrey. 

I pinned the spines to the letter blocks in there proper
pairings and sewed them together.


 I had an odd number of letter pages, so
I chose the print toile fabric for the first and last
page of the books.  They will be paired with the
 letters A & Z. 

 This needs something extra too.  I'll have the
title of the book "A is for ANNABELLE"
embroidered here.
 I love this print.

While I'm waiting for the embroidery to be done,
I'll finish pairing up the rest of the letter block pages. 
 They need to be paired up in the right order too.
Y-B  & C-X
W-D & E-V
U-F & G-T
S-H & I-R
Q-J & K-P
O-L & M-N

As with all my quilt projects I'll use a natural
cotton for the batting.

I'll pin the proper pairings, right sides
together, to a piece of batting cut to size.

I'll place a piece of masking tape along the
bottom edge, as a reminder to leave that section
 un sewn for turning inside out.

Lots of pinning and sewing to do!
You must think I'm so smart to have figured
that all out, but being the somewhat lazy soul that
I am, I looked for a chart online.  Low and behold,
RJR fabrics have a pattern for making a book from
the Annabelle panels!  Although I am making
mine a bit differently, here is a link to their
A is for Annabelle Book Pattern


  1. What a lovely project. I'm sure the girls will be excited to see their names embroidered in the squares. You do such a fine job with your pictures and explanations of your work. The print is beautiful. Love it.

  2. No, not lazy. Efficient. Why reinvent the wheel? :~)

  3. How sweet these books look to be! Cant wait to see it all finished!!

  4. These books are adorable and you certainly have the special touch to do them up right Sherri.

  5. These are just beautiful. A lot of work and so special. I know they will be treasured.

  6. I am loving this project! The embroidery will really make the books special.


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