Friday, September 14, 2012

Tutorial-Make A Dolls Waist Pocket

I made this doll sized waist pocket from a few pieces
of scrap fabric.
I cut from some brown calico:
1. The front and back of the pocket. Choose the shape
you like. It can be oval, round, just make it a
size appropriate for the doll.
2. A long strip for the tie.  Make sure it goes all the   
 way around the doll, and allow enough
fabric for tying the bow in the back.
  3. A small piece for the facing of the pocket opening. 
I cut mine long, I'll trim later!  
4. From muslin I cut a front and back pocket piece.     
These pieces are the lining.    

 Cut a slit in the pocket front and front pocket lining.
(seen in the photo above)  This is the pocket opening.
Put the pocket front and front lining pieces together.
 (wrong sides together).  Pin the small facing piece
 to the front pocket opening, right sides together.
 Pull the slit apart as you pin.  
This is what it looks like on the other side.  Trim
off the edges of the facing piece.  Sew together.
Ease your stitches at the center.
 This is what it looks like sewn and trimmed. 
Fold the facing to the back side (trim if needed).
Turn under the edge and pin.
This is what the front looks like.
Whip stitch the facing down, ease your stitches
at the center.
Front opening slit is done!
Place the back pocket piece and lining piece together.
Wrong sides together.  Pin to the finished front piece,
right sides together.  This is what the front looks like.
this is the back side.
Stitch together along the outer edge.
Trim, and turn to the right side.

In 1800's sewing terms this is called flat lining.
The lining and the outside piece are treated as 1 piece
 of fabric, it's done to give body and shape to the
garment.  Look at your coat, a jacket, or even the
lining in your purse, lining today is mostly done
to make the interior of a garment look pretty and
hide the interior seams.  Many garments, especially
the bodices of 1800's clothing were flat lined. Then
the edges of the seams were overcast.   A
solid color polished cotton was often used.   I have 
even seen this in antique doll clothing!
Iron the waistband in half, fold the edges to the
inside and iron again.  Put the waistband on your
doll, decide where you want the pocket to be and
pin as above.  My pocket is off set to the side.

Stitch together.
Fold the band toward the back side and slip stitch
 the back edge to the back of the pocket.
Whip stitch the edge of the tie.
Just the right size for a dollly.
How much candy can you buy for a penny?!?

Happy Sewing!


  1. This is great. I needed to see this as a few dolls will need these pockets. I need one too to put on me. so handy for chap stick and a car key. Great instruction. The green dress is very pretty too. I don't think it's icky. I like it. Sure is a nice dress. perfect for some lucky dolly. You should do the Art Doll bride challenge. With your rag dolls and your sewing ability, a wedding dress would be right up your alley.

  2. Sherri, there will be a lot of sweet little dollies thanking you for this one; surely many will be wearing waist pockets. Thanks for the wonderful lesson...another chapter for your book...right?!!

  3. Thanks for this tutorial. Love this little piece -- it would be fun to tuck some very teeny tiny words inside the pocket too.

  4. Hi, Sherri
    This pocket is so very sweet. And your photos of the process for making the pocket are so sweetly detailed. Thank you for sharing! I adore your blog! And thank you for coming to follow mine!
    Teresa Swanson in MAIDA too!

  5. Wonderful tutorial for making a doll's waist pocket. I have never sewn one so your instructions will be greatly appreciated in the future. I hope to be sewing more Izannah dolls after the Christmas Holidays and she may need a little pocket!



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