Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Back Stitch & Half Back Stitch

Somewhere on my blog, I think I've done this
tutorial, but I can't find it, so here's a new one!
I sew my seams in the back stitch and baste my gathers 
with a loose back stitch, that way every gather gets caught. 
I love the back stitch.  It's easy to sew, it makes a very strong 
seam.  I've drawn a seam line on some linen and I'm using a
 button hole thread just so it shows up well.
How to sew the full back stitch.
Knot your thread and insert your needle from
 underneath, a stitch away from the beginning of the 
seam line.  Pull the thread all the way through.
Insert the needle to the right, one stitch away,
 on the stitch line.
Bring your needle out, one stitch away, to the left.
This makes the first stitch on the seam line.
Insert you needle in the left side of the first stitch,
the same hole the thread is in.
Bring your needle out one stitch away to the left.
Pull your thread through
Now there are 2 stitches.
Keep repeating.  I "get a rhythm" when sewing this 
This stitch looks very neat on top.
However, it's not too pretty on the back, but
it's a solid strong stitch.
To tie off your thread, on the back side,
put your needle through a couple of threads,
 wrap your thread around the needle a couple times
pull tightly and clip the thread end.
This is how it looks from the inside.  If you try
to pull this seam apart, the fabric will tear.
This is how to make a half back stitch.
Bring you needle up from the back.
Insert your needle 1/2 stitch to the right.
Bring it out a full stitch away to the left.
Insert the needle a 1/2 stitch away to the right.
Bring it out one full stitch away on the left side.
Keep repeating and get you rhythm going
and you'll make nice even stitches!
Both stitches are very neat looking and strong.
Sew easy.  Give it a try.


  1. I have already used your handy new "Tutorials List" a couple of times...Nice! I probably use the half back stitch more than the back stitch. Once sewn, it is not easy to "rip out." For years I kept my old Home Ec. sampler with rows of these stitches. Wish I still had it.

  2. Now this makes me want to start some hand sewing. Good thing I have a doll dress that needs making. :)

  3. pretty stitches. I have done better since seeing your instructions. Thank you for all your lessons.


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