Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Barbed Wire Wreath

I wanted a large wreath for the front
porch that would hold up to bad weather
and be a durable base for holiday decorating.
I was tired of continually replacing  wreaths.
So, I smashed chicken wire and formed a
large circle.  I then wrapped it with barbed
wire.  I hung horse shoes in it and spray
 painted it a hammered gun metal gray. 
It's about 35 inches in diameter and
quite heavy.
  It's very easy to insert greenery etc. into
the open spaces for seasonal and
holiday decorating.

Construction tips............ 
Wear jeans, boots & heavy gloves.  Have a few
band aids close by.  Oh.... a tetanus shot 
is highly recommended.


  1. I love the end result!!! But what you warned of at the end was EXACTLY what I though when I saw the title of your post. Owie.

  2. The wreath is perfect for your log home. LOL on the tetanus shot. I look forward to seeing it decorated for the holidays.

  3. this looks great! It would be fun to add battery lights for a special occasion -
    Wish I had some barbed wire handy...

  4. Very neat. I like it. Easy to make decoration changes according to the seasons, or leave as is. Very clever. Looking at your house is good too. It's so pretty.

  5. LOL, love your advisary at the end! Just love the wreath! You did a great job!


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