Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sadie Visits The Cabin

Our grand dog Sadie loves a long road trip.
Especially when the destination is the cabin
 for a visit with her cousin Cappy.
 For a city girl, this is a chance to run free 
and swim in the creek.
Stick fetchin'
and squirrel chasin' are favorite sports.

Of course, there's plenty of porch
sittin' and yard guardin' too.
 Here in southern Missouri the native wild Passion Flower or
Maypops are in full bloom.  Their wonderful scent fills the air
and makes our walks especially pleasurable.

 The old timers made jams and jellies
from the egg shaped citrus flavored fruit.
 We always enjoy time with our grand dog!
(Our daughter too!)
We've had plenty of rain in August
so it's still lush and green in southern
Missouri but,
Fall is just around the corner........


  1. Both dogs are cute. You got some good pictures of them enjoying being outside and especially being able to get in the water. It is pretty there and I know you enjoyed your daughter too.

  2. What great pictures. You have some very scenic beauty around you. You can see the dogs having great fun. That flower is amazing. I have never seen anything like that before. I think the porch sittin' would be especially nice this time of year! So glad you had a nice visit.

  3. Grand dogs can be pretty special, for sure. We ended up keeping one of ours for 13 years! Sadie and Cappy seem to be enjoying each other's company, so that's a good thing. I have been seeing the wild Passion Flower all over this year, probably because of all the rain. I love it!

  4. The dogs are like two little kids aren't they.
    Last year we tried to move a passion flower into one of the flower beds but it didn't live; probably a good thing because I think they can be pretty invasive. But they are beautiful!

  5. The dogs are like little kids. Summer time fun!! Wish we could have some rain! Very dry here and most of my flowers are drying up. My hydrangea is wilted and I have never seen that before!

  6. I bet Cappy is having a great time having a play mate for a time. They look like they are enjoy scampering around, furious squirrel chasers that they are.

  7. Those photos of Sadie and Cappy are post-card worthy. "A Day in the Life of Happy Dogs". :~D


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