Saturday, August 8, 2015

Daisy Kingdom Doll & Sandra's Sewing Room

Repairs are finished & the
sewing room is back to normal! 
I recently came across a Daisy Kingdom
doll dress panel, that I am ashamed to 
say, has been in my stash of projects
 since the early 90's. 
Daisy Kingdom dolls and dress panels
were sold at fabric & craft stores.
I had a panel but, no doll.  I found this
sweet little red head on e-bay.    
The panels have printed fabric
 pieces & easy to follow directions.
 Just cut and sew.
As you know, machine sewing isn't my 
favorite thing to do, but I managed to 
keep my heavy foot in check!
(Picking out those hot pink
 sneakers was my favorite part!) 
I packaged Daisy up and sent her to
Miss Ava to go with the antique bed
I took on my last visit.  The first thing
Ava did was remove all her clothing 
and put her to bed.........naked!
Who knew?
Sandra at "Sandra's Sewing Room"
has a collection of the Daisy Kingdom 
dolls and their beautiful clothing.
Please stop by her blog & learn more 
about these collectible adorable dollies!
Sandra's Sewing Room
Happy (machine) Sewing!


  1. Beautiful ~ I think you don't give yourself enough credit for the machine sewing; looks perfect! Love the
    little hat. Ava needs a gown or p.j.s now, so pull out the machine again. This was just what I like to see; brought a smile!

  2. I had to laugh, I bought a pair of PJ's at Target and sent them along with the dress. I can see why these 18 inch dolls are so popular, dressing them could be addictive. As for me, I put the machines away!

  3. Sherri, she is adorable and what a perfect little playmate. I think I would put her to bed naked too, don't want to ruin that pretty dress.

  4. I love the Bears Daisy Dress. It turned out wonderful. I am sure Miss Ava just loved it too! Thank you so much for the mention of Sandra's Sewing Room. I have been spending most of my days in that room. I have my Milky Way Quilt top almost complete. I have also been trying to tidy up and organize the Sewing Room. I do have wishes to be sewing doll clothes again real soon. Oh, I think the doll was great too. You do so well with all your different crafting talents.

  5. It's good to plug in once in a while...keeps the rust away! What a sweet dolly, naked or not, for Sweet Miss Ava.

  6. This little doll is so sweet. Love her wavy hair. The clothes are very pretty too. Ava is very blessed to have a person in her life who loves dolls too.

  7. I have never heard of the Daisy Kingdom dolls and yours is so adorable. The dress is so cute. Red hair, my favorite! (I had mousy brown hair and now it's grey!) Miss Ava will enjoy it for many years. Your sewing was perfect, even though it was on a machine.

  8. The doll is so cute,i'v never heard of this doll before,but I loved.The red wavy hais is lovely and the dress is amazing.

  9. oh Sherr1, I LOVE her, She is adorable//I wish they would come back with Daisy Kingdom Dolls again, I think they are beautiful !I am the proud owner of 3 Daisy Kingdom dolls, and wish I could find the dress panels one doll is still in her own package and she is a black Daisy Kingdom Doll and just beautiful, the other Daisy Kingdom is a porcelain Daisy Kingdom,I will put them up on my blog to share with you ok
    (((Love and Hugs))) Sherrie

  10. Oh how sweet - I adore those daisy kingdom panels but they are so spendy now that they are no longer being made. Perhaps I'll find some at yard sales some day - that would be very lucky if I do. I sew from my Madame Alexander 18" dolls (like American Girl but cuter) too - and have fun with the pattens.

  11. How cute is this? See, there's a method to your madness. If you'd made the dress back when you got it, it would have been...a dress. BUT, now it's a collector's item, and rare, AND made by a lovely doll artist. :~) Dontcha love it when a plan comes together?


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