Friday, March 21, 2014

Noah's Ark Print- From A Painting By Doris Putnam

I have framed the print Planning The Ark,
from a painting by Doris Putnam, doll maker
Martha Bishop's mother.  Little did they know that
Noah's ark is my favorite Sunday School story.
Here's a link to the prior post for a closer look.
Primitive Folkart Prints
It now hangs above my small collection of vintage
 wooden Noah's arks.

1960's prim woodland ark.  These carved animals just
make me smile, especially the porcupines.
Vintage Shackman toy.

This little ark is actually an accessory to the
 American Girl doll Felicity, 1774.
The top slides to the side of this Italian mini toy ark.
This estate sale find is my favorite.  The ark & animals are
hand carved and carefully painted.  It's probably from the 1970's
 or 80's.  Someone spent a lot of time & effort on this ark.
  It came without a Noah, but there are plenty of
wood carvers here in the Ozarks.   
 Well, ya' gotta make do with what's available!
(These were toys my kids played with.)
Luckily, most of the animals store inside the arks.
I really don't like dusting!
Thank you Martha and Doris for this wonderful print,
as you can see, I have the perfect home for it!
 Just back from a week in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
visiting our daughter.  We took a day trip to Knoville
to visit the Museum of East Tennessee History to see
this display.  I'll do a picture post soon.


  1. The print is right at home there. I do love your ark collection. I have always loved the story of Noah's ark and have painted lots of paintings of it, but this picture you have is really my favorite. My mother is a wonderful primitive painter, and I know she painted the picture like no one else would have. It is probably my favorite of all the paintings we did together. Thank you for framing it and showing it to us. After seeing your collection of arks, I will have to think about maybe making one, it would be so much fun to do.

  2. I love that your kids played with those toys. I think I would have to play with them, too. :~D

  3. The hand-carved ark set is a real treasure, but perhaps not as great as the ones your children played with. How lucky you are to have Martha's and her mother's beautiful painting/ print to go with your fabulous collection . I am a basket collector and have even made a few myself, so am looking forward to more on the woven of wood display.

  4. Very nice painting by Martha's mother Doris, the folk art style fits your home beautifully. I enjoyed your Noah Ark collection. I can see why the carved Ark is your favorite, the craftsmanship is wonderful. What's more special is the memories of your children playing with them. No doubt you have photos of your children playing with the toys. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You have a wonderful collection of Noah's Ark sets. I have admired one in Lancaster, PA for years.


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