Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Primitive Folkart Prints

Have you ever received something in the mail that
you weren't expecting?  Something so surprising
it makes your jaw drop.  The other day I received this
wonderful folk art print from my dear doll maker
 friend Martha Bishop.
 At first glance I was struck by the vibrant
colors and subject matter so close to my heart.
As my eyes wandered over the large print
I was amazed by the detail. I could see my
Grandad's Ozark cabin.
I could see him sittin' here whittlin' away.
The simple print curtains that hung in his windows.
The time I found my Great Aunt Sarah, puffing
on her corn cob pipe in the wood shed, a secret I
 kept for her.  The dreaded trips to the out house
on a chilly October morning!   
The typical Ozark gourd bird house.
How many times did I help mama hang out the
I love the bushel basket ready to be filled and
the fence to keep the critters out.
Grandad chewed tobacco, is that his spit can?
Swatin' flies, a favorite pastime on a hot summer day. 
Nothin' quenches your thirst like water straight
 from the well pump.
These ladies are doing laundry, but I am reminded
of the times we plucked chicken and turkey feathers.
A very unpleasant chore, but nothing tastes better
than corn fed poultry pan fried on a cast iron
 wood stove. 
Hangin' on to Mama's back side, the
safest place on earth.
Then I see the signature of the painter.
Of course she paints, her dolls are beautifully

To my surprise, a second print painted by
Martha's mother, Doris.  It too is colorful and
wonderfully detailed.  
My very favorite bible story from Sunday school.
Noah and his wife.
The detailed plans. 
Sham and Japeth with a model of the ark.  
Who's peeking in the window?  
  I am reminded of favored pet.  A white kitty
named Ace, our daughter had for 14 years.
I am sure Martha and Doris thought I would
like these prints but, I don't think they had
any idea how much they would touch my heart!
Thank you so much, I am
honored to have these prints
in my home!
You can see Martha's dolls at:


  1. Sherri, I enjoyed this so much. You have brought out things about these paintings that I never thought of. Every once in awhile I will get out old prints and paintings me and mama did along time ago, just for fun and remember us together working on them. You did a great job on pulling out details. It was a pleasure to send them to you. thank you so much. Martha

    1. Thank you and your dear mother for giving me something that holds so many sweet memories for me!

  2. Dear Sherri, I enjoyed the beautiful artwork from your sweet friends! They are both talented artists! I loved reading about all of your happy memories that were stirred up from the details in these paintings! Wonderful! Have a lovely day! Blessings, Paula

  3. Priceless!! What a wonderful gift, and what a dear friend! These beautiful paintings are just perfect for your cabin home.

  4. Oh wow, I love how you made your friend's artwork come to life. Thanks for sharing your memories. Enjoy your prints ♥

  5. Love the vivid colors! You have a treasure there, Sherri.


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