Friday, January 31, 2014

Hungry Animals Quilt

I've taken a short break from doll clothes
to finish the Hungry Animals baby quilt that's
back from the quilter.  I had enough of the
backing fabric to make a small pillow case.
The book was also a panel.
It has such bright colors and of course the illustrations 
are a hoot.  It's lots of fun trying to find everything 
in the picture that starts with that letter!
checkered cafe curtains
coffee pot
calico cat
What are those blankets called?
What am I missing about the chimney?
salt shaker
salt glaze crock
saddle oxfords
Silly, but fun!
Easton Alan

Friday, January 24, 2014

Annabelle Lea & Maddy Josette- Martha Bishop Dolls

I want to introduce my 2 newest dolls
made by Martha Bishop, tiny Annabelle 
Lea & Miss Maddy Josette.  
They are right at home sittin' on my
Grandad's whittlin' chair, under the
print of Martha's prim painting.
I now have several dollies with no clothing,
so it's time to get busy.  I'm am concentrating
 on undergarments for the girls first.
I've visited the Kansas City Toy & Miniature
Museum several times.  They have a lovely
Izannah Walker doll there named Miss Mary. 
 She and her extensive wardrobe were featured in 
the March 2006 issue of Antique Doll Collector.
She is my inspiration for little Annabelle's clothing.
 Annabelle is only about 8 inches tall.
Making a low cut chemise with set in sleeves like
Miss Mary's for such a tiny doll took some 
teeny stitches and a bit of patience.
The antique glass doll buttons are 3/16 inch.
The bloomers are 3 1/2 inches long.
Because this is pleasure sewing for me,
I have treated myself to some silk thread.
Silk thread never tangles & it's so nice to
work with.  My eyes will never be the same,
 but Annabelle is very happy in her new duds.
Maddy will be next to get some undies.
She's a much larger doll and I have some
special things in mind for her.
This is the bottom ruffle from an antique nightgown.
The original garment was literally in tatters, and
 this was the only salvageable section.  I've been
saving it for something special.  It's just the right 
size for Maddy's petticoat.
It's quite thin and fragile.
Someone carefully repaired it.
 Ever mindful of the importance of historic preservation,
let me just say, I would never cut up a fine antique garment
just to use the bits and pieces in a doll.  Nor do I purchase
items "cut" from garments.  Having said that, I see nothing
wrong with using the good bits from a garment that is destined
 for the trash heap.  I am quite comfortable giving new life to
 some one's fine work when I know it's history.  Besides, it
would be wasteful.  Nuff about that....
Maddy gets a homespun flannel petticoat too.
I doubt I'll cover this wonderful hair with a bonnet.
It's so soft.  The photo does not do it justice.
Looks like I will need to learn shoe making,
such a shame to cover these cute toes.
I love her applied thumbs.
Thank you Martha for these special ladies,
I am blessed to have them.  Thanks for the 
much needed kick start back into dolls!
Here's a link to Martha's blog. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quilt from Cinders

I received a beautiful quilt in the mail from my girl friend 
Cindy.  When we had the last girl's get together, Teresa
gave her some quilt blocks & quilt tops she purchased 
at a farm auction.  There were several hand quilted 
blocks in the Tree of Life or Pine Tree pattern.  Cindy set
 the pieces with green borders and blocks in a wonderful
 brown fabric that looks vintage.
The back is the same brown fabric and it's bound
in the green fabric.
She hand quilted the Tree of Life blocks 
in a matching green.
The brown blocks are hand stippled in a lovely
brown.  Cindy wanted them to have texture that
simulates tree bark.
The quilt is so soft and looks antique.  It's 
just beautiful.  She's done a wonderful job.
I will cherish it always, thank you so much.
Cinders age 8.  What a cutie!
I have 2 new special dolls made by Martha Bishop
that I will introduce in my next post.  Can't wait
for you to meet them!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Raphael Tuck's Toy Rockers

These Tuck "Toy Rockers" attributed to artist A. L. Bowley
 (unsigned) were sold in Britain as a set of 6.  This artist
 was featured in my Christmas post.  I love his work.
Certainly some of these postcards traveled the big pond
 and made their way into American mail boxes.
They're just adorable.......a perfect accessory for dollies.

Happy cutting!

 FYI, the images on TuckDB Ephemera and 
TuckDB are of items/postcards that are over 100
years old and are now in the public domain.
Raphael Tuck Data Base

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Is For Annabelle Books-Finished

The A Is For Annabelle books by Tasha Tudor
are finally finished. 
  I am very pleased with the machine embroidery,
it was worth the wait.  I'm glad I decided to hand 
quilt the pages too, it took a long time, but they 
look like little quilts.
 I sewed a binding on the book covers just like 
I would a quilt.  Ava's in blue, Audrey's in pink. 
How To Make A Scrappy Nine Patch Dolly Quilt
I securely hand sewed the silk ribbon into
place, within the fold of the binding, 
on the underneath side.  
The first and last page finished. 

Just like the other fabric books, I sewed the pages
 together with all six strands of a coordinating color 
of embroidery thread.  I marked the cover and center
 page with synchronized marks, carefully aligning the
 interior pages in the proper order.
These books are thick, so I used a small pair 
of pliers to help pull the large needle through.
The front and back cover.
The center interior pages.
First page.
Ava's birthday's this month.
Audrey's special day is in May.
The girl's are very small, perhaps I'll put the books
away and work on a couple of Annabelle dolls.
(Great idea Mary!)
My 83 year old stepfather has been in the hospital 3 times 
since Thanksgiving with heart issues and a nasty bout of
the wicked beast, pneumonia.  With lots of TLC he's doing
 very well and we expect a full recovery.  Our daughter
is here for a 2 week visit. (break time at the theater)
We shall enjoy her visit.  Sewing is on hold for a bit.
Look for some "unusual" postcards in my next post.