Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Postcards by A. L. Bowley

These early 1900's postcards
are by British artist A. L. Bowley.
Her postcards were sold in
Britain and the United States.
I love all the detail in her
illustrations.  I thought it 
would be fun to show her work 
over a period of time.   
In every postcard, Santa 
is dressed slightly different.
Her children are so 
sweet and innocent.
Hanging up dolly's
 What a cute family!


Merry Christmas Y'all!


  1. Aren't these grand! The children are so sweet and innocent looking, but seems the earlier ones are more so. And, there's certainly nothing stern-looking about Santa. Oh, to be able to sculpt a face like one of these. Looking at the dates, I realized the later ones were printed about the time my parents were born...wondering if they ever saw cards like these. We should be hearing the jingle of bells oh, so soon...Merry Christmas!

  2. I love all of them, but the elfie ones are my their little renaissance clothes and body/head proportions. :~)

  3. I love all the cards too. the little elfs are really cute with their shoes and toys. I enjoyed seeing all of them. Merry christmas


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