Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Christmas Tree For The Cabin

This Christmas, the hubs ole' 
bear gets the honored spot of 
Grandad's whittlin' chair.
I added some berries and holly 
to a grapevine wreath  for
the dining room window.
Some trees & a sleigh with 
pine cones for the table.
Since we downsized to the cabin we 
haven't put up a tree, there's simply no 
space for a large one.  One of my friends
 donated a "skinny" tree she thought would 
be just the right size for our living room.
 My hubby describes my decorating
style as, early to late period American 
eclectic clutter, but how could I leave a 
single ornament in the box?  Can lights 
really be too bright?
This 1950's shelf elf  from my
 childhood was called a knee-hugger. 

These are from my childhood too.
 The littlest angel.
Plenty of Santas.

Elves too.
 Paper ornaments.
 Tiny stoneware cookie 
mold ornaments.
They make pretty paper castings.
Imagine that!
 Japanese Washi Eggs.
Blown eggs decoupaged with
hand made paper from the
 Japanese mulberry tree.
Very special mementos.  
Tiny hands.
A visit with the mall Santa.

 Photo Ball, Christmas 1965
Watermelon Pig in watercolor.
Artist, Leann age 6.
Loads of  "eclectic clutter".


The thought of decorating this year 
overwhelmed me with sadness, but
 I'm really glad we put up the tree.  
It's brought back many happy memories
 & helped me find my Christmas spirit.
The hubs, he sure seems to be enjoying
 all the "clutter". 
(Thank you Lis, the tree is perfect!)  
 Of course, no one decorates 
 better, than Mother Nature.

 I hope your holiday season is full of joy.
From my house to yours, I wish y'all
a very merry Christmas!


  1. I LOVE your eclectic clutter...it's a joyous celebration of your loving family and good memories. That little tree is just perfect for your space, and seems quite happy loaded down with its decorative bounty. :~D

  2. Many memories seem to be hiding in old ornament boxes, just waiting to be opened on Christmas. Sometimes that old lump in the throat gets pretty big...but golly who would want to forget those memories! Sherri, the cabin looks just beautiful! So glad you got the Christmas Spirit...a good thing to have, I think! Merry Christmas!

  3. The tree is beautiful. Everywhere you look, a memory, and a smile. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  4. Oh how I love your tree standing inside the old crock!! So many vintage decorations, they are all special. I have put up a 4' tree these past few years, leave the lights and burlap garland on it so all I have to do is add the decorations. Getting lazy in my old age I guess, hopefully I will get it up tomorrow, anyway that is the plan! Merry Christmas, love your log cabin.

  5. Lis donation and your wonderful decorations make a perfect cozy tree. I just love all the unique ornaments on your tree. I'm glad to hear that the tree brought back happy memories and your Christmas spirit. I have yet to decorate....probably this weekend.

  6. lovely decorations - merry Christmas

  7. Love it! I have the same ornament as that cat in the block box, but mine is a bear. I've had it for at least 25 years!

  8. Treasures...everywhere! Thank you for sharing your warm and cozy cabin with us.
    So festive!!!

    Hugs, Carolyn


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