Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Cirque Montage

We went to see the Cirque Montage show
that our daughter Leann and her dance
partner Simmone are a part of.   It was a
great show, if you get to Branson
don't miss it.
A very talented ensemble.

Great music.
Colorful costumes.
What a cute duo.
At this point in the show my Hubby
and I were getting a bit nervous.
I thought her Father was  
beginning to look rather unhappy.
Okay, when will this part be over?
 My jaw was beginning to hurt
from all the clenching!

My hubby was looking
rather pale...........
It was finally over.
 We survived.
It really was a great show!

Artist Bios

Cirque Montage

Leann Farley – Duo Aerial
Leann started taking dance class as a child and almost immediately started competing at dance competitions throughout the country. At the age of 15 she was picked out of many to be part of a Las Vegas based magic show. Since then she has been practicing magic with some of the biggest illusionists in the world, touring inside the country and overseas. For the past few years she has been the lead dancer and a production manager at the biggest magic show in the world, The Kirby VanBurch Magic Show. Last year she joined Yakov’s Moscow Circus in Branson, MO where she started to incorporate her dance and magic skills with circus art performance creating one of a kind lyra solo acts and she became a co-creator of a magnificent aerial art duo – Duo Artis, which has became the “most talked about” act in Branson, MO.
Simmone Gruzdev – Duo Aerialist
Simmone is a professional dancer, graduating from one of the most elite colleges of fine arts in North-West Russia, professionally trained in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Ballroom and Folk dance as well as acrobatics and theater performances. He traveled the world for many years with The Russian National Theater dance group, learning new styles of dance and perfecting his stage skills. For the past 8 years he has been performing with the famous Russian comedian Yakov Smirnoff. Also, he was an original cast member of Yakov’s Moscow Circus Adventure where he got an opportunity to learn juggling and twirling cube. At the same time he joined Duo Artis and discovered something absolutely new for himself, aerial art performance, which has been called “…the most memorable part of the show” by Branson Tri-Lake daily news and has received tons of great feedback from raving fans.

Photo Courtesy of Meadows Images


  1. Great Pictures. I can see why you were nervous. They look great together. I know you are very proud of your daughter.

    1. Thanks Martha, She very talented, but I sure wish she'd do something a little safer!

  2. I think it would be fun to go to Wal Mart in that black-n-white suit. :~P

    Two very talented artists! Thanks for posting.

    1. Funny you should say that Jan, when you live near Branson it's not unusual to see lots of make up or wierd hair do's at the grocery store, and yes Walmart too.
      They used to have a 50's show and I used to see some big pompadoo's!!

  3. Wow what can I say...it took my breath away! Fantastic photos, it made me feel like I was at the show! Very colorful costumes and your daughter is beautiful and very talented.

  4. Your daughter is an amazing artist, like her mother...just chose a different form of art.

    1. Thanks Mary, Leann is very talented but she can't even sew on a button!!!!!


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