Monday, July 23, 2012

Brown Bag Molds-Dolls & Dinosaurs

My daughter and nieces
loved these dolly Brown Bag molds.
They enjoyed painting the
paper castings with watercolors,
as well as making, decorating,
and eating the cookies!
Raggedy Girl Doll
Raggedy Boy Doll

The Dinosaurs were my
son's favorite cookies.  The heads
were always the first to be eaten!
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Brown Bag molds are extremely durable. 
 You can literally bang the edge of the
mold on a wooden cutting board to release 
the cookie dough and they won't break. 

They are dishwasher safe too!
I only use natural non toxic materials
in the molds; 100% cotton linter, beeswax,
cookie dough, chocolate, cinnamon &
applesauce for pomanders.  I can make
a paper casting one day & a cookie the next.
I have enjoyed collecting and using these
molds since the early 1980's.
I found one the other day at a flea
market for only $2.00.  I was so
excited, it's one I don't have in my
collection.  A cute pig with a ribbon
around his neck.  I do love the hunt....
1986 Big Fat Pig 

I have added these to my paper
castings Brown Bag
Mold page.   


  1. The paper castings look like a lot of fun... they'd make wonderful Christmas ornaments.

  2. These are wonderful and I adore that fat little pig!

  3. I can imagine how much the kiddies would love eating cookies from your kitchen. What an awesome collection of molds you have!


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