Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bats In Our Belfrey??

This little guy has been coming to the cabin
for three years.  He makes his home between
 the floor joist underneath our back deck, always
choosing the very same spot.
He's a Missouri Brown Bat or Myotis Lucifugus.
He has plenty of insects to dine on here in the
woods, especially if we leave the porch lights on.
He can be seen going around and around the cabin.
We don't bother him and he doesn't bother us!


  1. Bats kind of creep me out since the time I woke up to one flapping over my bed in the middle of the night! They do help with the bugs though!

  2. Oh I love bats! My husband said they lived in the oleanders around his house when he was a kid in Arizona. I love that your bat comes back to stay with you ever year. Do they migrate to another place each year, or do you mean he lives there year 'round?

    1. The Missouri brown bat hibernates in Ozark caves during the winter. This little bat comes in the spring and leaves in late fall. Since he is solitary he is probably a male. We sure have enjoyed him!


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