Sunday, March 31, 2019

Hittys Room Box

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years, was written
by Rachel Fields, illustrated by Dorothy P. Lathrop
and published in 1929.  It won the Newbery Medal
for excellence in children's literature in 1930. 
Rachel was the first woman to receive the honor.
 It follows the adventures and numerous owners
of a little wooden doll Hitty, short for Mehitabel,
carved from Mountain Ash in the 1820's.

Here are photos of Hitty Farley's finished room box.
Hitty Farley was carved by Robert Raikes.
I made the dress that Hitty is wearing. 
Her other dresses are original dresses
by Robert Raikes, American Kit Company.
Hitty Farley doesn't travel like in the book, but she has 
friends that send her things from around the world.
  The figure below is called a Pflaumentoffel.  Originally
an edible figure made of prunes and sold in German
bakeries for children.  Here he is a small wooden figure
surrounded by tiny hand made trees from the 
Dresden Christmas Market in Germany.
In the book, Hitty is owned for a time 
by a portrait artist named Mr. Farley.
Cappy (short for Captain) and her bed were originally
a Wagner Kunstlerschutz Christmas ornament.
Hand made books and wood carved swan
 Japanese netsukes for bookends.
The hubs made Hitty's Shaker sewing box.
My friend Gerhard Ulbrich, who lives in Germany,
made the thread holder from a wooden drawer pull .
His wife Sigi wrapped the tiny wooden spools with thread
and crocheted the start of a sweater for Hitty to finish.
Very creative and so tiny.
Hitty's menagerie of china dogs.
Hitty Farley's best friend is
Hitty Barbel (Barbara in English), 
she lives in Wedel, Germany.
The original Hitty.
Hitty's quill feather pen is actually an 
accessory of the Playmobil Pirate from
the Pirate Ship series.
A tiny wooden village with children Christmas
carolers from the Erzenbirge region of Germany.
The delicate tiny trees are hand made.
Hitty's sea chest.
Hitty stores her shell collection in her
Dora Kuhn keepsake chest.
The hubs made her teeny Shaker boxes. 
Hitty paper dolls from a Gail Wilson kit.
Tiny Erzenbirge dollhouse.
 The postman can ring the bell when Hitty
gets a letter or package.
A big thanks to he hubs for all his creative wood
working skills and enthusiasm for Hitty's room.
Hitty Farley's Roombox-Furniture & Clothing 

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years has been 
translated into several languages and she is
still popular around the world.  The hubs
made a second set of Hitty furniture.  We sent
it to Germany for Hitty Barbel to put in her 
Birch forest home.
Visit the link just below to read Barbel's story:

Friday, March 15, 2019

Hitty Room Box-Things For Hitty Farley's Room Box

Several things were made for Hitty Farley's
room box.  If you are familiar with the book
Hitty, Her First Hundred Years, by 
Rachel Field, you will recognize some of
her belongings mentioned in the book.
You can see the prior posts on Hitty Farley's
room box at these links:
Hitty Farley's Room Box-Furniture and Clothing 
Hitty Farley's Room Box Wallpapered and Painted 
Hitty's coral necklace was made from 2mm 
coral beads strung with a bead needle
onto sturdy button hold thread.
Hitty's quill feather pen is actually a Play Mobil
Pirate accessory from the Pirate Ship collection.
Just the right scale for Hitty.  I painted it
bright green with red tips as described in the book.
I had a small feather tree that was too tall
so the hubs cut it down and turned a new
walnut base.
The hubs made several walnut shelves.
I finished the walnut pieces with Minwax
clear wipe on finish, so easy.
I made Hitty's rugs from braided
 strips of cloth sewn together. 
Link to my tutorial:
How To Make A Braided Dollhouse Rug 
A pillow for her bench.
Lots of hand sewn bedding.
My friend Sigi crocheted her a beautiful 
afghan in blue and white.
I trimmed a piece of antique coverlet in 
off white seam binding for her coverlet.
Jewelry findings from the jewelry section at
Michaels craft store make excellent frames 
for mini pictures, just the right scale for Hitty.
A miniature photo for the original Hitty.
A miniature photo of Hitty Farley's best
friend Hitty Barbel (translates Barbara in
English) she lives in Wedel, Germany.  You
 can read about her room box here:
Years ago a photographer spotted the hubs on the street
and asked him if he would be willing to pose for a photo
 wearing an original Civil War uniform for a promotional
advertising poster.  Men were smaller in those days,
and the hubs was the only man he saw that would fit in
the uniform.  The hubs agreed and the photographer
kindly gave us photos.  I asked for a miniature to put
in a brooch pin.  I rarely wear it, but it's the perfect size
for the room box and Hitty has a photo of her Mr. Farley
in period clothing, one of her owners in the book.
The hubs made several cherry Shaker boxes when the
eyes were good.  Several have gone into Hitty's room.
This box with a handle became Hitty's sewing box.
I purchased 2 Hitty accessory kits from
Gail Wilson Designs
Hitty's stuffed cat and Hitty paper dolls.
They basically come with everything you need,
have excellent instructions and are good quality.
So cute.
I made an address plaque for the outside
of Hitty's box.  Hitty receives letters from
her far away friends, the postman needs to
find her.
 I painted the sea chest the hubs made bright
blue as described in the book.  I added a picture
to the inside and made tiny rope handles.
The pottery came with this shelf,
I painted it blue to match the sea chest.
I made several books from kits I ordered at
The instructions, quality of paper and
printing are excellent.  The books were easy
to make, but I will say the 4th book came out
much better than the 1st book.  Practice makes
perfect.  Paper Minis has all sorts of paper kits
in several scales.
Just a few simple tools were needed.
Hitty scale Children's Object Book with 
fold out pages was my favorite of the books.
I made two Hitty, Her First Hundred Years
books.  One in Hitty scale and one 1:12 
scale shown at the top of the photo.
I used the miniature photo that came in the
1/12 scale kit in one of the jewelry frames, but it
came with a decorative photo frame.
Beautiful illustrations.
Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol with photo
and souvenir program from Hitty's visit to
 his readings in the book.
I also made a Hitty stationary set from
a Paper Minis Hitty scale kit.
The kit came with postcard Valentines.
Hitty needed a companion, I found a vintage 
Wagner Kunstlerschutz Christmas ornament
and gave it an overhaul.  A good cleaning,
removal of the hanger, new bedding
and a name, Cappy.
You can learn more about these flocked
animals were made here:
Wagner Handwork Animals 
Sigi made 2 tiny cross stitch samplers
for Hitty's room that still need to be framed.
 Good news, the hubs had eye surgery
a couple weeks ago.  It has helped his vision
immensely, hopefully his eye will continue
to heal with no complications.
 When it warms up and he is back
in his wood shop, I will request frames!
Close up photos of Hitty Farley's room next post.
I have seen a few ladybugs in the 
cabin, hopefully spring is here!
Raphael Tuck 1910 Postcard