Monday, January 28, 2019

Hitty's Room Box

The last time I posted about 
Hitty's room box it was ready to
paint and wallpaper.
The hub's trimmed the box
in walnut.  He even made a
 top that slides off and on
for easy access.
 He fashioned her walnut furniture
from the illustrations in the book.
Her sea chest is pine painted
a bright marine blue.
 I embroidered her name
on her hand stitched undies.
 If you are familiar with the
book "Hitty, Her First Hundred
Years" you may recall she lived
for several years with Mr. Farley
a portrait artist.  He had a dress
made to replace her tattered one.
Hitty describes it as plain with
a single china button on the back.
   So, I made a simple brown dress.  
The hubs and I decided on 
wallpaper with little clipper ships
for the top of the room and paint
for the bottom half and outside
of the room.
Fitting the trim. 
 Gluing it tightly together.
The hub's busy in the work shop.
A shelf with pegs for
Hitty's dresses and a
double shelf for her
 A new base for the feather Christmas
tree that was too tall for the room.
 When the hubs was making Shaker
boxes he made several very tiny
ones that have made their way into
dollhouse rooms, including Hitty's.
Not long after the hubs finished
 this room, he had cataract surgery.  
Long story short, he had 
complications with both eyes
and over the past year his vision 
has deteriorated.  Another reason
for my prolonged absence.  The hubs
comes first.
 During that time he made a 
third room for the double decker 
and a couple other projects that 
will be future posts.
 The hubs continues to work in
his shop, he just makes big things
he can see, like bookcases.
I send out a big "thank you" to 
Steve (yes, the hubs has a name) 
for all the hard work, generous time
and enthusiasm he has had in 
the dollhouse department!
He is one in a million and I'm
a lucky gal.
Hitty thanks her Mr. Farley too.