Friday, October 20, 2017

Hitty Furniture and Room Box Progress

The hubs has been busy in the shop working
on a room box and furniture for Hitty.
 The removable roof and trim pieces are 
walnut, the floor is teak.
The furniture needs a light sanding
and another coat of varnish.  The hub's 
made a small shelf and is working on a sea
chest, it's painted bright blue as described 
in the book.
 The furniture is made from Missouri 
walnut, the hubs favorite wood.  
I didn't paint the bench blue, I wouldn't
dare cover up the hubs walnut!
 There is plenty of room
for all the pieces.
The room will have walnut baseboard trim
 and chair rail.  The top section of the wall 
will have wallpaper, the lower section and 
outside walls will be painted.

Hitty finally has something to wear, a 
simple chemise, petticoat and bloomers.
If you are familiar with the story of Hitty
you may recall she lived for several years 
with Mr. Farley, a portrait artist.  Whenever
he painted portraits of little girls, Hitty would
be pressed into service and used to still their 
hands.  Thus, she had a long career as an artist's
model.  Mr. Farley had a dress made to replace
her tattered one.  In the book Hitty describes it
 as plain with a brown china button on the back. 
Since "my" Mr. Farley has rescued
Hitty from her box and is making her a new 
home with lovely furniture, I thought it fitting 
she have a dress similar to the one the artist
Mr. Farley provided.  I just happened to have
one brown china button in my button box. 
 Hitty does not seem impressed with the
hand stitched dress I labored on for several 
days with my stiff old finger.  However, she is
"over the moon" with her room and furniture.  I
do believe Miss Hitty has a slight crush on my Mr. 
Farley, she gives him her undivided attention
and the sweetest little smiles of gratitude.
Playing dolls with the hubs is so much fun!

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  1. Hi! I have just discovered your blog. It is amazing! Such a joyful place to visit and I will be back over and over. I love Hitty an several others. I just made one of my Hitty dolls her own room. I need to blog about so many things, but am way behind. I hope you will visit me sometime. I have two blogs, but one is mainly for dolls.


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