Friday, October 20, 2017

Hitty Furniture and Room Box Progress

The hubs has been busy in the shop working
on a room box and furniture for Hitty.
 The removable roof and trim pieces are 
walnut, the floor is teak.
The furniture needs a light sanding
and another coat of varnish.  The hub's 
made a small shelf and is working on a sea
chest, it's painted bright blue as described 
in the book.
 The furniture is made from Missouri 
walnut, the hubs favorite wood.  
I didn't paint the bench blue, I wouldn't
dare cover up the hubs walnut!
 There is plenty of room
for all the pieces.
The room will have walnut baseboard trim
 and chair rail.  The top section of the wall 
will have wallpaper, the lower section and 
outside walls will be painted.

Hitty finally has something to wear, a 
simple chemise, petticoat and bloomers.
If you are familiar with the story of Hitty
you may recall she lived for several years 
with Mr. Farley, a portrait artist.  Whenever
he painted portraits of little girls, Hitty would
be pressed into service and used to still their 
hands.  Thus, she had a long career as an artist's
model.  Mr. Farley had a dress made to replace
her tattered one.  In the book Hitty describes it
 as plain with a brown china button on the back. 
Since "my" Mr. Farley has rescued
Hitty from her box and is making her a new 
home with lovely furniture, I thought it fitting 
she have a dress similar to the one the artist
Mr. Farley provided.  I just happened to have
one brown china button in my button box. 
 Hitty does not seem impressed with the
hand stitched dress I labored on for several 
days with my stiff old finger.  However, she is
"over the moon" with her room and furniture.  I
do believe Miss Hitty has a slight crush on my Mr. 
Farley, she gives him her undivided attention
and the sweetest little smiles of gratitude.
Playing dolls with the hubs is so much fun!


  1. Oh Sherri, how fun to have opened my computer tonight and find your Hitty Doll post. Your husband has done a great job on the new house and furniture; and you have done an excellent job on giving her new clothes! How amazing that you did this all by hand. I look forward to see the paint, paper and decorating that you will add.

    1. Thank you Sandra. This is the first doll clothing I've sewn in a long time. It was a challenge, it was slow going with my stiff finger and she is a small doll. The room and furniture is so nice, it won't matter what her dress looks like!

  2. Hitty is very pretty in her fine unders and new dress. Everything fits so well. I love the Hitty on her chemise. that is a grand touch. All her furniture is so sweet and well made. I am so glad you are having fun making all this for Hitty. Her room will be beautiful and a wonderful treasure.

    1. Thank you Martha, it has been fun to do a bit of hand sewing again. It was very slow with the stiff finger but I finally got it done. She is so small, but the pattern provided was a good one. Steve has done a wonderful job and I can't wait to see the room finished. I've done the painting and we are ready to do the wallpaper!

  3. Sherri, the clothing has become wonderful - your poor stiff fingers have made a miracle. For Hitty my congratulations.
    "Mr. Farley" has done a perfect job many years ago just like today. Please greet Mr. Farly from the modern age - we bow to the artist.
    Sigi and Gerhard

    1. Thank you Sigi and Gerhard. Yes, Steve has done a wonderful job. He amazes me sometimes!!

  4. Oh what grand furniture! Absolutely stunning! My favorite is the desk and bench. Hitty could work for hours there. A crush huh, on Mr. Farley! She has good taste! Her dress is adorable with her china button! How tall is she?

    1. Thank you Cindy. It is so funny to see Steve holding little Hitty, measuring her seeing how she fits in the furniture! Hitty is a 6 1/2 inch wooden doll. I have not idea where I am going to put this room, I am out of room!

  5. Oh my! If I were blessed with all these wonderful wood items, I'd throw something out just to have a place to display it! Steve is one good husband to do all this for you! My farmer could make something for me, but it would be a l-o-n-g time in coming :) But he did make a few basic clothespin dolls for me, which I haven't dressed yet. Even at my old age dolls have a special place in my heart.

    I'll email an answer to you about the cataract surgery. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back with you.

    1. Charlotte, I knew you would enjoy the Hitty doll post. You and I both share a love of the little wooden dolls. I had not planned on a Hitty room, actually the whole project came about very suddenly. I was shocked when he asked me to get the doll and book out. The room was a surprise too. I don't have much of anything to decorate the room with. I will need to make bedding, a little quilt and braided rug like the ones in the book. One of the small handled shaker boxes will go in her room too, I have collected a few dollhouse sewing supplies that will make her a nice sewing box. It will be fun to come up with some other things for her. Steve goes next Wed. to the eye surgeon to schedule his surgery. As of now, we have no idea what to expect, however he does not seem worried. He is anxious to get it over with and enjoy better vision. It makes me a little nervous. He will not enjoy sitting around with nothing to do!

  6. Sherri, you and your husband's Hitty project is just the best thing! I can see this going on into the winter; something I know we will all enjoy. And, the Farley connection makes the story even better!

    1. Thank you Mary. It has been a bit of a whirlwind project that came out of the blue. I had not planned or expected it. One thing it did, was force me to pick up my needle and make a doll dress. It took me several days to make her clothing and it was a bit difficult. She is so tiny. There will be no close-up of photos of my stitching! I had not read the book in a long, long time, so when Steve wasn't using it, I re read it. I had completely forgotten the portrait artist's name was Mr. Farley, a delightful and convenient surprise. A plain dress was just what I needed for my first attempt back at hand sewing. Looks like I have bedding, Hitty quilt and a braided rug in my future. Not sure this Hitty will have an extensive wardrobe. I would imagine this is a book you've read.....?

  7. Oh my goodness--what a sweet little miniature world you two are making! You amaze me with the tiny stitching. I'd be cross-eyed and hard to live with if I did that.

  8. Thank you Jan. It was a little frustrating making her clothing. Especially when I needed the stiff finger to bend! I've had the most fun watching Steve with Hitty. It's as though she were a real child, so funny.

  9. You two have something special going on with the hubs making room boxes and furniture while you sew up the clothing. Everything is beautiful and I love the new dress you hand stitched for Hitty....lovely.


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