Saturday, October 7, 2017

Hitty Doll Furniture & Shaker Boxes Galore

The hubs has finished the Shaker boxes....oh my, 28 in all!
He had a few pieces of Cherry wood, the older the wood
the darker.  I was very pleased  to see the dollhouse 
sized boxes!  A few small ones still need their handles,
these will become small sewing boxes for dollies!
He made them in 6 different sizes.  Looks
like Shaker boxes will given as Christmas 
gifts this year.
The hubs was in need of another project,
 so he asked me to get out my Hitty book 
and little Hitty doll.  This I did as quick as
as a wink, in case he changed his mind!
This Hitty is a wooden Robert Raikes version
sold as a kit, with a pattern and fabric
to make your own dress.
Yes, she's still naked.  It's the old story of the
shoemakers children having no shoes.  
I better get busy.
In a few days I was called to the shop to see
his version of Hitty furniture from the book 
illustrations.  Little scrap wood prototypes
 sitting on the full scale drawings.
Poor little naked Hitty seemed unscathed by
the ordeal.  I think she is so grateful to be out of 
the box she's spent the last 15 years cooped up in,
she's willing to endure some embarrassment.  Her 
little mind must be whirling with thoughts of
clothing, furniture and a new home in her future. 
The little bench I will paint blue like the
original in the Stockbridge Library Museum.
The hubs said he has some Appalachian Mountain 
ash, just like the original Hitty was carved from.
Can't wait to see the pieces finished in beautiful wood. 
As always, I am amazed at the hubs, lucky he
loves his wood shop and grateful he doesn't mind
playing with dolls, on occasion.
As for me, I busied myself with re reading the
book when the hubs wasn't studying it!
Are you ready for Halloween??

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