Sunday, May 14, 2017

Double Decker Dollhouse Is Painted-Happy Mother's Day

I've finished painting the double-decker 
dollhouse.  The pieces stack one on top 
of the other.  Hopefully, the interior colors 
won't be too bright when the furniture is
in place.  The bedroom is very blue and
the kitchen is very, very yellow.
 This is the interior of the roof,
with the overhang painted.
 The hubs is very proud of the
rafters he made.
I suggested a small section for the ceiling,
 so they could be seen.  It makes a small attic space.

The hubs made two panel shutters and window
boxes.  I'm pleased with the colors he chose for
the exterior.  It's a sweet, simple country cottage
that's sturdy enough for a child to play with. 
He did an amazing job.
I made a trip to Michel's craft store and
purchased the smallest flowers and greenery
they had.  They were half price....yea!
I decorated a small flower pot
with the left over flowers.
 I made a larger address plaque.  
That's me and the hubs, just a
couple of old love birds!
Now it's time to decorate.......
I hope all you ladies had a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. And, a certain "couple of old love birds" have done a magnificent job on the double-decker house. The colors are wonderful, and the Hubs has every right to be proud of those oh-so-perfect rafters. I hope you have had a Happy Mothers' Day!

    1. I had a wonderful Mother's Day, hope you did too. Thanks for the compliments. We are proud of the house, it was such fun working together on it. I am a lucky gal to have a hubs who loves a wood project!

  2. Sherri, it has become beautiful. I have never seen such a beautiful roof in a doll house.
    Congratulations to your new house - of course, it is also wonderfully painted.
    Best greetings from Germany

  3. Oh, this is wonderful. I'm glad you two are having so much fun with it. I love the rafters too--they look like something I saw on a home improvement/fixer upper show yesterday. Paint the ceiling white and leave the rafters brown, and they'll be all the Modern Farmhouse rage!

    1. Thanks Jan, the hubs was going to make a full ceiling, but I didn't want to cover up the pretty rafters!

  4. Sherri, I'm just sitting here, drooling over this! It's perfect ~ rafters, colors, window boxes, and it's wonderful that they are strong enough to be played with because that's what I want to do!

    1. I like to play too! Besides, the whole point of a dollhouse is for a child to play in it. Otherwise, it's just a fragile "don't touch me".
      I wish you could come and play dollhouse with me!

  5. beautiful doll house. Great colors and your husband once again has out done himself. and you too. the curtains and window boxes are so pretty. What a great doll house. It sure will be pretty filled up with the furniture and little dolls.

  6. Thank you Martha,
    We are pleased with the house. This is the end of the dollhouses. No more furniture and no more little minis. Hopefully, I can get back to dolls!

  7. Another masterpiece and my favorite colors! What 'child' wouldn't want to play with it. (My hand is raised, ooh, ooh, ooh pick me). Had a great visit with you both and hope to have you over again next time your in my neck of the woods.


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