Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Double Decker

The hubs has been busy in the work shop.
The kitchen room box now has another floor.
It stacks right on top.
The hubs did a wonderful job!
I found the Hall's Lifetime 4 poster bed and 
night stand that matches the other pieces.
Also, a captain's trunk by Shackman Co.
 I've made some bedding and curtains.
Ready to paint.

So, the hubs and I headed to Home Depot.
 The hubs chose the exterior
colors and I picked the interior.  
This is gonna be colorful!
Fire Roasted
Pale Honey
Bee Hive
Gentle Sea
Peaceful Blue


  1. I feel just like moving in...if only this was in my size. I am so enjoying the work you and the hubs are doing! You do know how to dress up a bed! And double ruffled lace curtains...just really wonderful!!!

    1. Thank ya'. We are having fun with this project. The bedroom will be colorful but sparse. I have no "things" to decorate it with as it was completely unplanned. I have a couple more miniature knot work kits in a nautical theme. I had thought to frame them when done, but it looks like they will become rugs. I think a nautical theme in the bedroom is just what the hubs would like!

  2. These double decker house rooms are wonderful. Your husband did do a fabulous job. You need to buy him a brand new expensive tool as a reward. The colors you are painting sound so pretty. All the furniture is very fine. and the little bed with the bedding and the curtains are just to sweet. A fine bed to be sure, and I wouldn't mind some curtains like those. A treasure for sure.

  3. I love all your tiny stitches in the bedding and curtains. And I see the circle rug you made has a special place in your two story room boxes. It is fun to see how you arrange the furniture and I look forward to seeing the colors of paint that you have chosen. Your husband has done another wonderful job with his creations. Wishing you many hours of fun ahead of you with your continuation of this newest project.

  4. Sherri, I'm just speechless! So much fun ahead for you! You're so lucky to have a hubby who takes an interest in your hobbies and makes these precious pieces for you. I feel a touch of envy. :)

  5. My mom would have loved your doll houses soooo much. She made amazing miniatures, and you two would have gone crazy outdoing each other in tiny scale.

    1. Thank you Jan, I'm sure we'd have been friends. I will be thinking of my Mother tomorrow as I'm sure you will be as well!


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