Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cabin Project Updates

The hubs is at a stopping point with the ship model.
Now that spring is here, he wanted to get some outside
chores done and spend some time in his workshop.
He's been working on the ship model since January.
He averages 6 or 7 hours a day, that adds up to 
about 500 hours.  The hubs is 70 years old and has 
never worked with such a small scale.  I think 
he has done an amazing job.  We are never too
old to learn something new.
The loft seems so empty and quiet without 
the hubs.  He's left his side of the loft neat
and tidy.  I miss tripping over the shop vac. 
I'll be glad when he starts working on 
the ship again.

I've been working on some simple projects for
the kitchen room box.  I ordered 1:12 scale "biscuit" or
gingerbread molds from Arjen Spinhoven Miniaturen.
 He is located in the Netherlands and makes unique
dollhouse items, many as DIY kits.
Link to his website at the bottom of post.
I sanded the corners then
I painted them a gingerbread brown.  I just mixed
some brown acrylic paints until I liked the color.
I waxed them with American Decor wax,
 available at craft stores and Home Depot.  I actually 
used a soft cloth and a shoe brush to buff them to a
 soft shine.  It's just like shining your shoes!

St. Nicholas, Catherina and Ivanhoe.
He has several designs and it was
hard to choose!
 I made some homespun curtains.
I wanted some vintage advertising signs for the
 kitchen, just to brighten the walls.  So, I miniaturized 
some pictures.  The hubs cut and sanded some
 small wooden bases.
I painted the wood in different shades of brown.
I used Royal Coat decoupage finish
from my craft supplies, but any
brand would work.
I got a bit carried away and made more than
I can use.  I made an address sign to hang on the 
outside of the room box and even did some pictures
for the Christmas cabinet dollhouse.
Fun, inexpensive and easy.
I had some left over bedroom pieces of Hall's 
Lifetime furniture.  I was getting ready to sell 
them on E-bay.  The hubs said he could make 
a room that stacks on top of the the kitchen.
A double decker.
 He's busy in the wood shop......
Link to Arjen Spinhoven Minitures
Arjen Spinhoven Miniaturen


  1. You have such wonderful ideas for the little rooms. Do you dream these ideas up in the dark of night when you should be sleeping? :~) You did good in selecting the gingerbread molds. Catherina, St. Nicholas, and Ivanhoe never looks so good! The ship model is such a beautiful to be admired over and over (just in case you ever have some spare time)...

  2. Well done, your hubs did a great job building his ship. He should be proud.

    Very nice to see how you added the finishing touches to biscuit molds. I've never used crème wax before. These look beautiful as does the drapes and miniature signs. You're so talented.

  3. It does seem empty, with out seeing your husband's work place with parts scattered for his boat. He is having a break and will be back to finish his boat. the little signs and people are really nice. Bright signs will make a big difference in the little room. Great work and look forward to seeing it finished. Love the curtains. So cute

  4. Your little cabin is home to two, very talented people! The boat is beyond belief! I especially like your gingham curtains and the signs, all things to make the rooms look "homey".

  5. You guys have so much fun together! I love your collaborations.

  6. The ship is looking wonderful! I think it is so sweet and wonderful that you and your husband create together! I love your miniature vintage signs! I still have not started back to work on the doll house I have previously talked with you through comments back and forth about.........but the weather is starting to get warmer and I am hoping to put the Kilz on it and then start to work on it soon after that. Your blog always inspires me to get to work on it!

  7. Your husband has come a long way with his ship building. It looks so wonderful. You have a lot of goodies to add to your miniature adventures. It will be so great to see them all displayed in the mini room boxes. I ask the same thing as Chip do you come up with all these wonderful ideas? Keep them coming and thanks for sharing with us.


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