Friday, April 7, 2017

Clipper Ship Update & Rug Is Finished

The hubs is workin' away on the ship model.
He's moved all kinds of tools, big and small to his side of the 
loft.  Varnish, paint, paint remover, paint thinner, drills, 
grinders, sand paper, even the portable shop vacuum now 
resides in the loft.  I don't think he remembers we have a 
handy central vac system........but if you never use it!
He drills, sands, grinds, hammers and makes continuous 
noise all day long, often into the late evening. 
The quiet peaceful sewing loft is now dusty,
stinky and I have to navigate a littered
path to get to my desk.
On numerous occasions (too many to count) 
I've heard mumbled exasperated groans 
and the occasional swear word coming
 from his side of the room.
This usually happens when a teeny tiny minuscule piece
he's been meticulously working on for the last 45 minutes, 
 jumps out of his hands disappearing into thin air.
Similar to most occasions when the hubs
opens the refrigerator.
 At which point I lay down the miniature knot
rug, reach for the flashlight I keep on my 
desk now and commence searching.

My recovery rate up to date is 100%, the
He's too busy wringing his hands in despair and
delivering an oration on how it's mathematically and 
physically impossible for something that small to
bounce that far! 
 The hubs was apoplectic when a tiny water bucket
he was painting mysteriously disappeared.....
till I suggested he check his shirt sleeve.
It may sound like I'm complaining, but 
I really don't care if the loft is stinky and
dusty and's a small price to
pay for all the laughs we're sharing.
I am amazed at how much patience the hubs
has for such tiny work and the ship is looking
I often go to his side of the room, just
to check on his progress.
He comes to my side of the room to see
how my projects are coming along.
We've having so much fun.
The hub's was very encouraging with my work
on the miniature rug.  At 30 knots in an inch straight
line, he informed me that's 2,000 french knots per
 square inch.  He kept a running estimate of how many
I had left!  The directions estimated it would take 3 to 6 
hours per square inch.  I figure with all the interruptions
 and "search time" it took me about 8 hours per square inch!

When I took it out of the embroidery
 hoop, I trimmed the edges.
Folded it toward the back and
stitched it down.
Ironed it.
I ironed Wonder Under onto one side of muslin.
Wonder under is paper backed fusible web that
turns any fabric into fusible fabric.
 (sticky on both sides)
I cut out a circle the size of the rug, then peeled off the
paper backing on the other side.  Placed the sticky side
on the back of the rug....
Then ironed it down.  It looks a bit bumpy,
but it lays flat and doesn't look near as messy
on the back.  Sew easy too.

I'm pleased with the rug, it was worth all 
the effort and I enjoyed it.
That's what's been happenin' in the cabin!
This was actually my Valentine's card
this year.  The hub's is such a romantic!

I hope you are enjoying a sunny spring.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Kitchen Room Box Update

After the hubs finished the dollhouse cabinet, he 
started a new project.  He's putting together a model 
of the clipper ship The Flying cloud, that I gave him for
our anniversary.  Not a recent anniversary, but out 1st 
anniversary.  We've been married 44 years!
Well, better late than never. 
I suggested he use my sewing/craft space for the
lengthy project.  It has wonderful natural lighting
 and it's comfy.  So, I have moved to the small desk 
across the room.     
 He has made himself right at home.
He made an easel for the ship drawings.
He's a master at "make do" too.  He's made little 
wooden holders for the minuscule pieces,
tiny vices and tool holders.
 I love his make do magnifier and holder.
Oh, that's where the small cutting board is.
I've been looking for that.
The model is coming along nicely, but it
will be several months before it's finished.
It's fun working together on our toys,
 listening to music and feelin' groovy!
Back in November I did a post on the 
 room box the hubs made for the kitchen
furniture and accessories I have gathered
 over the years.  They are slightly different scale
and don't match, but I love the pieces and
 cannot seem to part with them.    
       Kitchen Room Box-Hall's Lifetime Toys
These are the 2 pieces of Hall's furniture.
They are from the Early American Series.
The kitchen sink and cutting table were made 
by Dora Kuhn.  Made of cast iron,  porcelain
and wood, they are heavy pieces.
The punched tin pie safe
was hand made.  It's marked
 CS  1972 on the bottom.   
The metal old fashioned stove was made by
Bodo Hennig, a German company.
  All the little doors open and close. 
 The bottom shelves have little candles.
 A mix of Ozark ladder back chairs.
 I've made headway on the miniature knot rug
for the room.  I've finished all the detail sections 
 and have begun the background.  Cream around the
rooster and a dark brown for the chicks and hens. 
I still have a long way to go. 
I finally came across the Hall's Lifetime table
on E-bay.  It's plain and simple.  Shopping on
E-bay is a time waster and no fun at all! 
I found some old wooden drapery cornices
for the windows.  They were too long for the 
windows in the room, but the handy hubs
took them apart and shortened them.  
The removable curtain rod is hidden inside.
The very last of the dollhouse miniatures
are for the kitchen.  If I have to stuff the 
cabinets full, they will all be used! 
No more boxes of dollhouse stuff
in the attic!!!   
These Franklin Mint miniature Colonial 
pewter pieces are from the 80's and a
slightly larger scale than 1/12. 
 Assorted finds.  The writing on the little wooden box
is German for onions.  The stoneware jug is painted
in a patriotic design.
Veggies and poultry.
 The little barn oil painting has
the initials AF and date of 76.
These dolls were made by Eric Horne, an English
wooden toy maker.  They're the only dollhouse size 
dolls I have.  Not the right period and I'm not sure I 
will use them in the room, but they would be happy to 
have some clothing and a home, instead of living
 in a dark drawer.       
A rug to finish, curtains and clothing
to make and I must decide on an interior
 paint color.  Any suggestions?
   I still have plenty to do. 
I've been working since March of 2015 to get
all the dollhouse furniture and accessories out 
of storage and into homes.  I'm almost there and it's 
a good feeling to be this close to the end.  Of course, 
I couldn't have done it without the hubs.  He has been 
enthusiastic and very generous with his time and 
skills.  Hat's off to you hubs!
It's snowing today.......can't wait till spring!