Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hall's Lifetime Toys Dollhouse Furniture-Kitchen Roombox Update

The kitchen room box is moving 
along at a snails pace.
 I've been watching e-bay for a
corner cabinet and hutch made by
 Hall's Lifetime toys.  Individually the
 pieces go for around $25 to $75, far 
more than I'm willing to pay!!
This is a bargain, scrappy room box.
I happened upon a set of 5 pieces in excellent
 condition for less than the price of a single piece, 
including shipping, so I snatched it up.
Hall's Lifetime Toys was in business in Chattanooga, 
Tennessee, from the early 1960's through the 1980's. 
They made quality doll furniture for 8-12" dolls like 
Ginny and Madame Alexander.  They also made 3/4"
 scale miniature furniture and 1/12 scale furniture 
and dollhouses.  All of their furniture was made of 
gum wood and plywood & extremely sturdy for play.  
The company offered several styles and finishes that
included painted white, blond, Early American, maple 
and Mountain Cherry.  It was sold in upper 
scale department stores.
 This Early American dollhouse series consisted of 12
pieces of furniture for a living room, bedroom
 and kitchen:
Table & Chairs
Hutch Cabinet
Corner Cabinet 
Canopy Bed
  Now I have 3 odd pieces of furniture!
Do I see a scrappy bedroom
 box in my future?
I've found a hodge podge of  ladder back
 chairs with rush seats, just like the ones
my Grandad had.
 The hubs made some shutters for the
the outside of the windows.
 I've been diligently working on the rug.  This is 
actually many hours of making french knots.
   I've been gathering paint swatches......
I wish each of you a
shared with the ones you love!!!


  1. Sherri love the progress you and the hubs are making on the kitchen room box. You found some great doll house pieces of furniture. The rug you are making will be amazing. Lots and lots of stitches! The shutters are looking good. I just pulled out my box of miniatures that have been packed away for years. There are a few broken pieces, but seem to be an easy re-glue project. Many of the pieces were put together by my grand-father. Now to fix them up and hopefully I will find a way to display and enjoy my collection. Look forward to future post of your updating progress.

  2. What fun! There's really no hurry is there...plenty of time this winter working by a warm fire. I love your French knots! The rug is going to be stunning!

  3. Love all the little furniture. You will have a sweet kitchen. Pretty rug too. Making a doll house room would be so much fun, glad you are making these.

  4. How wonderful to read about your doll house and furniture. I found a doll house......homemade probably in the 40s and I have been very slow at fixing it up.......but love taking my time on it. My do I find the right size of doll to go with the doll house? Love your work on the little rug!

  5. So many choices for furniture. It's like going to a store to pick out what furniture you want for your house. Lots of fun. The rug is so cute.

  6. I swear, you find the coolest stuff.


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