Friday, November 4, 2016

Girlfriends Weekend-17 Years & Still Going

The 2016 annual Halloween girlfriends gathering 
 was hosted by Teresa, at Hard Cracker Farm. 
What does  Hard Cracker mean............
Hard Tack is a simple type of biscuit or cracker,
 made from flour, water, and salt.  Inexpensive and
 long-lasting, it was used for sustenance during
 long sea voyages, overland migrations and
 military campaigns. 
It's literally a "hard cracker" that lasts for years. 

This year we spent the weekend in the 
newly finished guest cabin. 

Saturday morning Teresa's hubby David cooked
 and served us a full breakfast at the big house.
Yea, he's a keeper for sure.
Sunday morn we had campfire coffee, oatmea
 and fresh pears from Teresa's heirloom tree.
Glorious weather and a beautiful view.
There is always something to delight 
the eye at Hard Cracker Farm.

Step inside for a peek at Teresa's
full size country dollhouse!

My hubs made a walnut plate rack as my
 hostess giftTeresa and David were over
the moon.  It matches the other walnut
 furniture in the cabin and luckily was 
just the right size

The weather was so mild
we were snug in our beds 
without a fire.
We played silly games by lamp light and laughed
the laugh that only girlfriends share.
The cabin has all the amenities,
including a flashlight in case we 
needed a midnight privy run.
The heirloom tree produced bushels of the
 biggest tastiest pears I've ever seen or eaten.
Full of juice and crisp like an apple.  Teresa's
warm Pear Crisp dessert is delicious.  
 The ones at the top of the tree 
needed some coaxing.
Cinders braved the ladder and was
 armed against the hail of pears as
she shook the limbs. 
Sunday we strolled the paths and visited the castle 
ruins at Ha Ha Tonka (laughing waters) State Park.
Photo from:  Ozarks Parks
Shelby was our constant companion and protector
 from the Halloween goblins and ghouls.
As always, we had a great time catching
up, laughing and sharing.   
 Sadly, the weekend came to an end,
but we look forward with joy to next year!
Happy Fall


  1. Oh Sherri, it must have been beautiful. The plate rack of Steve has become wonderful. Really pretty. It looks like Teresa and David ordered it.
    How wonderful it was such a great weekend and how nice that all participants are back home safe and healthy.

  2. What a great place to meet and enjoy your friends. Every thing is pretty and so well organized. the pears look good too. Glad you had a good time. It is nice to get together and catch up on each other.

  3. Wow! Everything is fantastic! One could just move right in and be so comfortable. The pears remind me of the ones we had to eat when I was a youngster ~ so good and juicy. I'm a tad envious of you. lol

  4. Beautiful and fun post, Sherri! I could move right in too, so cozy. Happy for you being with your friend. Crazy about that Roster he is handsome one...

    Hug's, Carolyn

  5. I love when you post these times...they look like such fun. The little cabin is a treat!

  6. Oh, I love our time together! The cabin was fantastic and fits right into their location. Teresa has such a great eye for making it rustic, yet comfortable and charming all at the same time. And we did so much you girls! Can't wait til our next get together.


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