Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween 2016

Brown Bag ghost mold-1990
Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween! Love the brown bag ghost molds.

  2. That mold is perfect for Halloween. Looks like a little ghost all ready to go trick-or-treating.

  3. aww man Sherri , I Love Love Love your mold! Are you going to make Boo Cookies in it? I am waiting for the first of the year to jump in and try making mine, with the holidays coming way to fast, I seems I got behind on Fall and now Christmas ,I love making special Christmas gift stocking stuffers (for the girls I should say) for each member of our family, no biggies, like a new pin keep ,Mug Rug for their hot drinks,Matching kitchen towels with hot pads...For the guys ,They get soothing pads, or stress relief, or Hot /Cold packs what ever you want to call them, just little stuff ,but they seem to enjoy them and I love giving hand made gifts, Once again my friend you sure did a wonderful job with your cookie mold, I truly love them!Sending you a big hug and have a awesome day!

  4. Same to you, Sherri! I bet the trees with their fall glory are showing off in you neck of the woods! Maybe next year can visit the Ozarks again! Beautiful country.

    Hug's Carolyn

  5. That's a cute one. Happy Halloween to you! We live in an area where there just are no I have to go to town festivals to get my share of cute kids.

  6. Oh Sherri I saved /book marked your Brown Bag Molds, about using Cinnamon, I just have fallen in love with this new fun creating Brown Bag Molds, Now looking and reading about how you use Cinnamon, LOVE it! These make really nice gifts to special people in our lives also!! Again THANK YOU! Hope the New Year is a awesome year for you and all your family!!! Hugs to you, Sherrie


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