Saturday, September 10, 2016

How To Make Cinnamon Pomanders With Brown Bag Molds

Cinnamon pomanders from Brown Bag molds are
very easy to make and smell wonderful hanging
on the Christmas tree.

   Here's what you need:
bowl & spoon
cookie sheet
wooden or acrylic cutting board
cinnamon oil-optional
I make simple hanging hooks out of
ornament hangers or wire.  I put a little 
bend in the ends of the wire for added 
strength.  Craft glue or hot glue adheres 
well to the hardened dried pomander also. 
 For the most aromatic pomanders
use Saigon cinnamon or add cinnamon 
oil to the mixture.
I make do with the least expensive large jar
of cinnamon and applesauce.
Start with a couple cups of cinnamon and
add the applesauce gradually.
  Mix until it forms a stiff dough similar
to clay, but not sticky.
Dust the mold with cinnamon.
Form an egg shaped ball and
place it in the mold.  Press firmly
into the mold, smoothing the back
and edges of the mold.  Dust with
cinnamon if your hands get sticky.  Add 
the hanger.  I place a small ball of dough
on the bottom of the hanger and
press it firmly, making sure not to
push the hanger to the bottom of the mold.
You don't want the hanger to show on the
front of the mold. 
To remove the pomander, hold the mold
perpendicular to the cutting board and 
rap the edge of the mold hard, the pomander 
should start to come out.  Carefully peel the 
pomander out of the mold and place on the 
cookie tray.  Lightly dust with cinnamon.
If you are unhappy with the casting, just
add to the mix and do it again. 
Brown Bag Molds are extremely durable, 
they can take a hard banging.  Be sure to
use a wooden or acrylic cutting board,
NOT the edge of the sink or counter top!
Bake the pomanders in a 150 degree oven for 2 hours.
After the first hour remove the pomanders from the
cookie sheet and place them directly on the oven rack.
This helps them to dry evenly.  Remove from the oven 
to a cooling rack when they are hard and dry.
 I prefer to let them air dry on the cookie sheet for 
about 24 hours or until hard and dry.  If they dry 
too quickly they will crack and warp.
Finish your pomander with a hanger of your choice!
 Lucy Natkiel, the designer of the Brown Bag molds,
has a website.  Be sure to visit and download 
her Recipe Book and Brown Bag Idea Book,
located on the right hand side of the cookie page.
Lots of great ideas for the cookie molds!
Lucy's Brown Bag Site-The Cookie Mold Page 
They smell nice hanging in the kitchen too!