Sunday, July 17, 2016

Brown Bag Molds- 1993 Watering Can &1988 Ruffled Heart

I've added a couple of Brown Bag 
Molds to my page of molds.
Brown Bag Molds 
  Watering Can 1993
 Ruffled Heart 1988
 The castings on my blog page are cast with 
100% cotton linter and left plain to show the detail.
Brown Bag Molds-How To Make A Paper Casting 
Over the years I've made cookies, chocolates,
 cinnamon pomanders, wax & paper ornaments
 and castings in shadow boxes.  One of my favorite
 things to do is make cards.  The castings can be 
painted with acrylics or watercolors.
So simple, it's a bit like paint by number!  Sometimes,
 I embellish them further with glitter, ribbons etc.
I have card stock in all colors and even
make the envelopes to match.  I glue them to a
 blank card, write my message on the inside 
and I have a hand made personalized card. 
With the range of molds, I can literally make
 a card for every holiday and occasion.
Adding tea to the mix, before I 
cast the mold, gives them an antique look.
Even plain they look striking.  For Christmas 
cards, I add a ribbon or string to the back of the 
casting and it can be removed from the card 
and hung on the tree.
 So Simple & Easy-Peasy!


  1. Sherrie I so love your "Molds", I have tried any thing like this. They look so cool, I can see how they could be used for any thing including cookies, what fun! and to give as a gift. I don't think there isn't any thing you can't do and do very very well my friend! I love coming visiting your Little Cabin , as like now just hoovering over a mug of coffee and drooling at your dolls and creations.Thank You so much for sharing all your talent and allowing others to love and enjoy them.
    Hugzs ,Sherrie

    1. Thank you Sherrie, I enjoy all the creations on your blog too!

  2. The paper castings are great; so pretty. What a wonderful and personal way to share a hand made gift to someone special. You have a wonderful collection. You have a very creative way to use each of the molds in so many different ways.

    1. Thank you Sandra, I'm glad you enjoyed this.

  3. I like your new molds too. both are very pretty. Pretty cookies, cards and I am sure lots of other uses. Hand made things like this are so appreciated.

  4. This was interesting to see how these molds can be used. You've made some sweet things!

  5. This is wonderful! Wish I had a few brown bag molds to make these lovely cards. Especially love the watering can.

  6. Your cards are also so pretty. I was at the thrift store and the lady ahead of me was checking out and she had a brown bag mold. I felt like ripping it from her hands but she had already paid for it and they were packing up her purchases in a box. Darn. It's the first time I've ever seen one there before.

  7. I thought of you yesterday when I spotted two brown-bag molds at the thrift shop. I should have gotten I may have to go back. :~) I cannot BELIEVE it never occurred to me to use water colors for these little molds. I have some wonderful gauche paints that I love working with, and they would be perfect for the ones I'm sending grandkids this year at Christmas.

  8. If I can paint them, I have no doubt you can make extraordinary ones! Be careful, you'll get the Brown Bag bug!

  9. I know I left a comment already , but I came back again to re-read your tutorial on the brown bag molds, I will have to do a search for them, I would like to give this a try, they are just so special, Would be a great Christmas gift for my daughter and a couple of close friends. !

  10. Your creations are beautiful and I went to your tutorial wonderful to learn about.


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