Sunday, July 17, 2016

Brown Bag Molds- 1993 Watering Can &1988 Ruffled Heart

I've added a couple of Brown Bag 
Molds to my page of molds.
Brown Bag Molds 
  Watering Can 1993
 Ruffled Heart 1988
 The castings on my blog page are cast with 
100% cotton linter and left plain to show the detail.
Brown Bag Molds-How To Make A Paper Casting 
Over the years I've made cookies, chocolates,
 cinnamon pomanders, wax & paper ornaments
 and castings in shadow boxes.  One of my favorite
 things to do is make cards.  The castings can be 
painted with acrylics or watercolors.
So simple, it's a bit like paint by number!  Sometimes,
 I embellish them further with glitter, ribbons etc.
I have card stock in all colors and even
make the envelopes to match.  I glue them to a
 blank card, write my message on the inside 
and I have a hand made personalized card. 
With the range of molds, I can literally make
 a card for every holiday and occasion.
Adding tea to the mix, before I 
cast the mold, gives them an antique look.
Even plain they look striking.  For Christmas 
cards, I add a ribbon or string to the back of the 
casting and it can be removed from the card 
and hung on the tree.
 So Simple & Easy-Peasy!

Sunday, July 3, 2016