Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Congratulations Sigi and Gerhard!

Congratulations Sigi and Gerhard 
for 18 years of Tortula online!
Photo courtesy Tortula
Sigi with the help of her husband Gerhard, have been
publishing a German online site called Tortula for 18 
years.  Among the many accomplishments I am aware of, 
Sigi is considered the expert on Dora Kuhn dollhouse
 furniture, Dora Kuhn dollhouses and room boxes, Edi 
dolls, Turtle dolls and German vintage miniatures.
 She has graciously shared her knowledge and expertise
for 18 years.  That is truly dedication and an amazing 
accomplishment.  When I came across Tortula I was
 in heaven.  Answers to the many questions I had about
 the folk art style dollhouse furniture were answered.
Click below to read congratulations from her many 
well wishers.  You might recognize Leann (age 5) 
with her dollhouse.
Congratulations Sigi and Gerhard-Tortula
I've always admired the German folk art Bauernmalerei style
 painting and to find it in dollhouse furniture was a treat.
This was my first piece and I thought it was one of a kind.
 I came across a tiny room box with 
furniture painted in the same style.
Then I found other pieces marked West Germany, 
and the hunt for information began.  Eventually, 
I went to Google Germany and found Tortula.

I had a couple cabinets that seemed much older and I was
curious.  Sigi had a similar cabinet on Tortula, so I sent a
 photo asking if she could tell me more about them. 

She kindly replied, and along the way I made a 
friend that lives on the other side of the world.
Thank goodness for Google translate.
 Below are Tortula links you will enjoy. Even if
your computer doesn't automatically translate German,
 the photos are beautiful and speak for themselves.  Click 
the arrow at the bottom right to go through the pages.

Dora Kuhn History-Tortula

  Dora Kuhn 50's Thru The 80's-Tortula

Look here to see the wonderful miniature rooms.
Miniature Dora Kuhn-Tortula

Look here to learn about Kuhn beds.
Dora Kuhn Beds 
This is Sigi's larger 1/10 scale amazingly decorated
Dora Kuhn peasant dollhouse. You'll enjoy the tour!
Sigi's Dora Kuhn 1/10 Scale Dollhouse-Tortula
Photo courtesy of Tortula
  Sigi also publishes an online Edi Doll 
Compendium magazine for collectors. 
Edi Doll Compendium-Tortula
I hope you enjoyed this peek into Tortula.
Congratulations Sigi and Gerhard!

 It's beautiful here in the Ozarks.
the Redbuds and Dogwoods are in full bloom.
   I hope your are all enjoying a beautiful spring.


  1. Thank-you for the peek into Tortula doll furniture. It must have been a thrill to find the knowledge of your German doll house furniture. So how old was your piece?
    Spring? Where is it? It's quite chilly in Ohio and I hope it warms up soon.

  2. I live in southern Missouri and we are having a beautiful spring! The taller cabinet was made by the Dora Kuhn Company the 1930's. Sigi said there is a similar blue cabinet in the Sonneberg Toy Museum. (I don't let children play with it anymore!) Dora Kuhn sold unpainted cabinets to be decorated at home, the smaller cabinet is one of those, from the same period. I plan a couple more posts, the inside of the small cabinet is very interesting.

  3. Marvelous work and your little cabinet is wonderful Sherri. The internet can bring such wonderful friendships indeed, thank you for sharing my friend,♥

    1. You are so right about friendships. I never thought that blogging would make me feel connected to such wonderful ladies in a personal way. I suppose the internet is the new way to have a pen pal!

  4. What a great post, and a great lesson on this fascinating little furniture. I am not surprised that you have made friends all around the globe! :~) I am really looking forward to looking inside that little cabinet!

  5. I hope you find the future posts interesting!

  6. such cute furniture. I know you have enjoyed and learned alot from your friends on the doll houses and furniture. Looking forward to seeing the next doll house you make and its furniture and little people.

    1. Hopefully, the hubs will start working in the shop soon!

  7. I love that style of painting...it's so joyful and exuberant!

    1. That's a good way to describe the way it makes me feel...happy. I have no doubt you could paint beautiful Bauernmalerei!

  8. Oh my goodness, how beautiful it all is! I think you could paint beautifully!

  9. Such detail on small furniture! How interesting and amazing. You can tell that Sigi and Gerhard love what they do. Congrats to them. How excited you must have been to find their website. Rock on and show us what you have. Can't wait.

  10. Sherri, I really enjoyed reading your post about the doll houses and furniture. They are beautiful and amazing! Hope this finds you doing really good after your surgery . You are such an amazing artist, I LOVE your dolls!!!
    (((Hugs to you my friend))) Sherrie


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