Monday, March 21, 2016

Is Christmas Over & Easter Almost Here?

 Is Christmas over?
Is Easter really just around the corner?
 I love Easter!
  It's an important religious holiday, it means
 Spring is near, I get to do a bit of Easter decorating
 and Cadbury chocolate eggs are on the shelves! 

 Over the years our Easter tree has changed, 
 this spring green feather tree is by Bethany 
Lowe, an after Easter sale purchase.  The  
metal fence planter had been a Spring
porch decoration for ages. 

The ornaments are from the 80's
  The Easter bunny used to hide a little figurine
  or ornament in the kids Easter baskets.  We'd ad
a hanger or glue on an egg cap if needed and  
they'd go on the tree.
My mother had several Bantam hens.  
When they began to lay their first eggs they
 were very tiny and fragile.  Only three 
survived the blowing process.  These were
decorated in the Japanese method with hand 
made washi paper.
Some of the ornaments are simple 
wooden eggs covered with mica glass glitter.
It's a special tree to me, full of memories.
 Confession time.
We've eaten several bags of Cadbury eggs already
and these photos are from a couple years ago.
I've been busy this winter.   
This is what my dining room really looks like.......
Yea, I'm still using the Christmas placemats
& the wreath is still hanging!
Sometimes in life, it's best not to 
sweat the small stuff! 


  1. I am still finding pine needles in my rug and I vacuum twice a week. Your Easter tree and decorations are lovely. <y Mother use to collect little rabbit and mice themed table ornaments and with six children she acquired a large collection as gifts over the years. They are all in a box which I still can't bring myself to open as the tears start flowing

    1. That makes me feel a little better! I'm just glad I didn't put up a tree, it too would still be up! This little tree gives me lots of memories. I have lots of quilt blocks my mother made. I just can't bring myself to do anything with them, it makes me too sad, but someday I promised myself I will. I want to make a couple small quilts out of them so I can hand them down.

  2. I enjoyed seeing this. The tree is beautiful. I have never seen a feather tree, but so many people have them. You have lots of sweet things to put up, not everyone is thoughtful enough to save special things like you do. Your house is amazing, a wonder in itself. Happy Easter to your family and we like the chocolate eggs too, but none this year for me ( dieting ). I do have a few straw rabbits, and of course I have my special bunny you made me. I love her the best.

    1. Thank you Martha, I only made a few of those rabbits and I kept one too! I glad you enjoy yours!

  3. I enjoyed seeing all your Easter ornaments collected down through the years. The Easter Tree is such a nice idea. I love your dining room and the remaining Christmas decorations. Don't feel bad...I don't take Christmas down until the end of February or March.

  4. That makes me feel very good! I have just been too busy to worry about it. I must say I enjoy looking at the wreath and the cheap plastic place mats are so easy to clean. I told the hubs I might just leave it up all year...tee hee.

  5. Leave the wreath up; the way time flies you'll just be ready for Christmas! Your little tree and bunnies are adorable!

  6. I would have never known if you had not told me the pictures were from the past. I loved your display; all so beautiful. Hope to be able to decorate for Easter next year. Not gonna happen this time around. No worries on still having the Christmas stuff up. They can be enjoyed year round. You have had a lot to deal with the past few months or more. It just started snowing again. The calendar might say spring; but it is just not feeling it. Being a California girl I always wondered about little girls wearing Easter Dresses and having shiny new shoes to wear to church. Sometimes here you still need snow suits. Oh well. Happy Easter and many blessings to you and your family.

  7. You cracked me up. "I have a confession..." I was beginning to think "why do I not have my Easter decorations up???" But I've been busy too, and I did well just to get the "Winter Welcome" sign off our front door. I do love the feather tree and ornaments, though.

    1. Ha Ha! I took the "seasons greetings" off the the front porch too!

  8. Thanks Sandra, Congrats on your new home. I know you are anxious to move in and set up house!!

  9. Well, I have to tell you I am just swooning over your home! Everything about it is lovely-including the Easter tree and the Christmas wreath. I had to keep looking at your dolls as I scrolled down the page-they are so beautiful-I know I said that before, but I admire your talent. Such a nice post! Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you Debra, Happy Easter to you and yours!

  10. I also love your decorated feather tree, but must confess that I really like best the "now" photo which exemplifies love and home and all that should be most important to us. Happy Easter, Sherri, to you and yours!

  11. So much fun to study each and every ornament. How amazing. I didn't even know they made so many Easter decorations. I think I'm out of the loop for any holiday decorating. My Christmas decor comes down before the new year. I can only handle them so long. My husband calls me Scrooge. My Easter decor consist of the bunny you made me and 3 marble eggs in a bowl. Confession: I haven't even put them out this year. Oh my. Too busy sewing or playing with grand kids.

    1. This year I hung the wreath and put out place mats, but nothing else. I'm leaving them out till next year!


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