Monday, March 21, 2016

Is Christmas Over & Easter Almost Here?

 Is Christmas over?
Is Easter really just around the corner?
 I love Easter!
  It's an important religious holiday, it means
 Spring is near, I get to do a bit of Easter decorating
 and Cadbury chocolate eggs are on the shelves! 

 Over the years our Easter tree has changed, 
 this spring green feather tree is by Bethany 
Lowe, an after Easter sale purchase.  The  
metal fence planter had been a Spring
porch decoration for ages. 

The ornaments are from the 80's
  The Easter bunny used to hide a little figurine
  or ornament in the kids Easter baskets.  We'd ad
a hanger or glue on an egg cap if needed and  
they'd go on the tree.
My mother had several Bantam hens.  
When they began to lay their first eggs they
 were very tiny and fragile.  Only three 
survived the blowing process.  These were
decorated in the Japanese method with hand 
made washi paper.
Some of the ornaments are simple 
wooden eggs covered with mica glass glitter.
It's a special tree to me, full of memories.
 Confession time.
We've eaten several bags of Cadbury eggs already
and these photos are from a couple years ago.
I've been busy this winter.   
This is what my dining room really looks like.......
Yea, I'm still using the Christmas placemats
& the wreath is still hanging!
Sometimes in life, it's best not to 
sweat the small stuff! 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Brown Bag Mold-Garden Bunny 1992

The hubs goes to therapy on Fridays and I take advantage
of the waiting time to visit the flea markets in downtown
Branson.  Last week's find is the Brown Bag 1992 
Garden Bunny.
He's been very busy digging the carrots in his garden!
Are you ready for spring and a bit gardening?