Friday, February 5, 2016

An Outing With The Patients-Brown Bag Molds

 Recently we had a beautiful warm sunny day, so I asked the
"patients" if they'd like to take a little drive to one of the local
flea markets and stretch their legs a bit.  I thought they could
use some fresh air, sunshine and exercise.  I know for a fact
the hubs would rather have a tooth pulled than go to a flea 
market & I'm fairly sure my brother had vowed to never set
 foot in one, but with severe Cabin Fever affecting their 
judgement, they happily and readily agreed.  A good time
was had by all and to my utter amazement I found 3 cookie
molds to add to my collection.  Flea market excursions are 
hard on the weak and infirmed of the male species.
The trip home was silent,
except for the sounds of snoring!
Lucy Natkiel designed 10 Brown Bag molds in the 
American Folk Art Series.  These molds were inspired
by 19th century butter molds.  Prairie Flowers was the
first design in the series.  This one would make a pretty
cookie or painted in watercolors for an all occasion card.
The 1984 mold Lucy's Cow is an early design.
She's udderly adorable!
Triceratops is one of the 3 dinosaur
designs that were first issued in 1985,
this one has eluded me for years.
The saga of my injured finger continues.  After visits to my
doctor, numerous trips to urgent care (I was on a first name
basis with a couple of those doctors!), X rays, several rounds
of different antibiotics, 2 visits to an orthopedic doctor & an
MRI, I am now being referred to a hand specialist.  Sounds
like surgery is looming in my future, but I am very optimistic
I will get the use of my finger back..........
I miss my dolly makin'!


  1. The molds are beautiful. I love the flowers and all of them. It was nice for you all to get out and you got to go to the flea market. It did your patients good too even if the flea market isn't their favorite place. We all need to get out some. It is great to go looking just for fun, but to also find things that you really like and want. You wouldn't think a finger would be so hard to get fixed. I hope they decide on a cure for you soon and end your trouble and being in pain and not being able to sew. Keep us all posted.

    1. Thanks Martha, It's very rare to find 3 molds in one place, especially one's I don't have. I feel confident I'm finally seeing a doctor that can help me out. The orthopedic doctor I saw, ordered the MRI, but he just didn't feel qualified to do the surgery I need, so hopefully I can get it taken care of soon.

  2. It's amazing how the male species will avoid anything that has to do with shopping/flea markets! Sherri, you chose the perfect moment, their defenses were down, dazed by the sunlight and a promised view of the "outside" world they would have readily agreeing to anything. Keep this in mind when you really want something, chose you moment and spring it on them. Glad you, and they, had a good (enough) time. That darn finger. Can they do transplants! What a surprise that there are still molds for you to find. How exciting. Love the cow.

    1. I shall keep it in mind Cinders! They aren't well yet, and it's gonna be long winter...I see another flea market visit in my future for sure. My finger has sure been a nuisance and a puzzle. I just hope the next doctor doesn't refer me to a digit doctor. Tee Hee

  3. I am so happy for you to have a day out. I love the newest brown bag molds you collected. They make wonderful paper art and the molds themselves are decorative. What fun. Sorry to hear about your finger; but hope that you are headed in the right direction now for it to get healed. Will keep good thoughts for you.

    1. It was a fun day out, something the fellas needed for sure! I was over the moon to find 3 molds and even more excited to do something crafty. I am so ready to get something done with the finger!

  4. Don't you love when serendipity fills in bits of a collection? Glad you were able to get the weak and infirm male subjects home safely after their torturous endeavor. :~D Now, let's get your finger healed up!

    1. It's rare for me to find a mold I don't have, let alone 3 in one place!
      It was funny on the way home, it reminded me of "children" sleeping in the car after a day's outing!

  5. Your outing was surely just what the doctor called for (Doctor Sherri, of course :~) You really must have a keen eye for the molds, for I still haven't found one. My hubby isn't a "believer" (his word) either when it comes to flea markets and crafts shows. Hopefully, your finger problems will soon be resolved. Sometimes it just takes time.

    1. I can hear a mold calling my name! They are often stacked under something pretty or tossed in a basket with other things. Over the years I have honed the skill of finding them.

  6. What a wonderful surprise for you, finding the molds, at a flea market! Must have been a big surprise.
    I'm sure you told us how you hurt your finger, but I must have missed it. Golly, I hope you can use your hand again soon for making your dollies.

    1. The saga of my finger has gone on since last winter when I stumbled going up the stairs and jammed it. I feel confident I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

  7. Sorry about the finger. I hope you have found the help you need to get it fixed!
    My hubby is very nice and will tolerated going to flea markets or antique malls but usually he just finds a chair and waits for me. The molds were a great find for you! Funny how our favorite things to collect have a way of finding us when we least expect it.

  8. I've honed my skills at mold hunting, but it's so rare to find 3. Especially since I have collected so many. Lucy designed over 200 molds, so I will never find them all. I am just waiting on an appointment with the hand surgeon. Yee Haw, I am so ready.


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