Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine Postcards 2016

Here are some early 1900's Valentine's postcards
that are a bit different, but if you're as old as I 
am, you might recognize the artist.   Maybe
you even owned a pair!


Buster Brown & Tige

  Richard F. Outcault, considered the
 inventor of the American comic strip.


Friday, February 5, 2016

An Outing With The Patients-Brown Bag Molds

 Recently we had a beautiful warm sunny day, so I asked the
"patients" if they'd like to take a little drive to one of the local
flea markets and stretch their legs a bit.  I thought they could
use some fresh air, sunshine and exercise.  I know for a fact
the hubs would rather have a tooth pulled than go to a flea 
market & I'm fairly sure my brother had vowed to never set
 foot in one, but with severe Cabin Fever affecting their 
judgement, they happily and readily agreed.  A good time
was had by all and to my utter amazement I found 3 cookie
molds to add to my collection.  Flea market excursions are 
hard on the weak and infirmed of the male species.
The trip home was silent,
except for the sounds of snoring!
Lucy Natkiel designed 10 Brown Bag molds in the 
American Folk Art Series.  These molds were inspired
by 19th century butter molds.  Prairie Flowers was the
first design in the series.  This one would make a pretty
cookie or painted in watercolors for an all occasion card.
The 1984 mold Lucy's Cow is an early design.
She's udderly adorable!
Triceratops is one of the 3 dinosaur
designs that were first issued in 1985,
this one has eluded me for years.
The saga of my injured finger continues.  After visits to my
doctor, numerous trips to urgent care (I was on a first name
basis with a couple of those doctors!), X rays, several rounds
of different antibiotics, 2 visits to an orthopedic doctor & an
MRI, I am now being referred to a hand specialist.  Sounds
like surgery is looming in my future, but I am very optimistic
I will get the use of my finger back..........
I miss my dolly makin'!