Saturday, January 9, 2016

For Your Enjoyent-1930's Raphael Tuck Postcards

 This set of six cut-out postcards is called 
"The Dollhouse Series".
They were illustrated by W. H. Ellam and sold in the 1930's.
I love the soft colors and sweet designs.  So typical of the time,
right down to the teddy and Golliwogg dolly.  Wouldn't these
postcards have turned an empty box into a little girls delight?  

The Adventures of two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwogg

This whimsical set of six cut-out postcards called the
"Zoo Zoo Series" were illustrated by A. L. Bowley
and sold in the 1930's.  They make me smile!!
I can these as unusual stuffed animals......

All is well at the cabin.  Steve is still recovering, 
much slower than he would like, he's ready to get
 back to his little's gonna be a while!  
I've moved my bachelor brother in with us.  He's 
improving too.  They are both good grateful patients 
with no complaints & I have really been enjoying them.
Hope your new year is off to a great start!


  1. I wanted to see your blog-I hopped here from Yester Year Embroideries. I have loved seeing your dolls-they are very sweet, and so well done!

  2. How fun are these! Sending strong thoughts for healing (and relief of shut-in boredom) to your patients. (And to you.)

  3. The cards are pretty and different. I love post cards too. I am glad you all are doing better. Recovering from the problems like your husband and your brother have are a long process. I don't know about your finger, but I hope that is better too. Take care in the cold weather.

  4. Your Tuck's Post Cards are so fun! Yes, a cardboard well, I remember! :~) I am sure there's no place like a cabin in the Ozarks for a couple of lucky guys to recover. Best wishes to you all! (Hopefully, my email made its way to you; there was some problem in sending it, so just wondering...)

  5. I would have loved playing with these post cards! I'd have a nice home setting that my characters could look outside and see their zoo menagerie from their windows. What fun! Glad to hear all is going well with your household. Spring is just around the corner and all will be better once we can get outside.


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