Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving 1015

 These Raphael Tuck postcards were 
sold here in America in 1916.
 Attributed to Samuel L. Schmucker
 Adorable children in sweet outfits.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

National Toy & Miniature Museum- Architectural Dollhouses

By the time I visited the architectural dollhouse
section I was very short on time, so I stopped by
three of my favorites This large half timber 
English country home is a delight, inside and 
out.  So much to see......
No interior lighting, so these are a 
little blurry, (hard to keep my hand steady)
 but, I hope you will enjoy the peek anyway.
William Robertson spent 5 years of full time work
building the double sided Twin Manors, a Georgian
 Colonial circa 1790 The attention to authenticity
and detail is absolutely jaw dropping, right down
to the microscopic door latches that can be locked
with a tiny key.
A few of the 13 spectacular rooms.
If you would like to learn more about
Twin Manors, click these links from
 the Toy & Miniature's amazing.
Twin Manors-Seeing Double 
Furnishings Fit For A Georgian Colonial 
Dining In A Manor 
The Devil's In The Details
Moving Twin Manors-A View Of The Front 
The House That Abe Built is an authentic
 replica of Abraham Lincoln's boyhood home.
I admit, this is my favorite.  Even though it 
appears simple, the attention to detail
 is perfection. 
Again, no lighting, impossible to get an 
interior photo.  Here are a few from the 
Toy & Miniature Museum's blog with links.
Furnishing The House That Abe Built

Oh, if only I could touch and play.
We had our first frost today, winter's on it's way.