Friday, October 30, 2015

National Toy & Miniature Museum Kansas City--Miniatures

The miniature section at the National Toy &
Miniature museum is so much fun, it's like
 playing a game of  "I spy with my little eye".
Most of the miniatures are one inch to one
foot or 1/12 scale, some are smaller.  The
quality of the craftsmanship is mind boggling!
There is a dimly lit section you meander 
through, that has window after window of 
the most surprising things to see. 
A little antique shop.
Intricate iron work, wicker and upholstery
 on these sleighs & the dapple gray was gorgeous.
Painted wood carvings so tiny I 
could barely see them.
A cabinet dollhouse for a dollhouse.

Large display cases of silver, glass, pottery
instruments, furniture, paintings, carvings, 
basketry, wicker, metal work, tools, needlework's endless.

Beautiful painting on this cabinet.
Baroque Baby House.  Larger cabinet is 1/12
dollhouse scale, the smaller is 1/44 scale.

The Native American section has village dioramas of
 life on the plains, baskets, pottery & the tiniest bead work.
All 1/12 scale.

Odette from Swan Lake, her costume
was so intricate and delicate.
Remember, this is dollhouse
 size and smaller!
Such teeny weeny stitches!

 How small were the knitting needles
& crochet hooks that stitched these?

 Last, but not least & just in 
time to wish you....
I hope you've enjoyed a little peek into
the extrodinary miniatures section.  I had
several of my followers in mind when I took
the photos......sure wish you all could have 
been there to enjoy them with me!
Final post from the T&M Museum 
will be the amazing architectural dollhouses.


  1. WOW!! They are so tiny yet the precision workmanship is perfect. Thank you for sharing Sherri. This reminds me that I must revisit the Shelburne Museaum again, perhaps in the Spring.

  2. I am happy to share. I looked up the Shelburne on line. Oh, I hope you go a do a post! It looks like they have wonderful things.

  3. Yes, WOW! There is certainly something here for everyone! Of course, I was all over the Native American displays. Can you imagine such tiny and intricate bead work? And, what about those beautiful miniature doll quilts? Just wonderful! I also noticed a tiny straw bonnet so like the ones you make at Make Do Dolls. And, then there is my Sylvester with that mischievous little grin, so like that ornery cat that I miss so much. Your photos are superb...makes me wonder if Santa Claus has already visited your house! :~)

    1. I knew you'd spot some interesting things! I loved the face on the kitty too & the dog chewing up the doll in the 3rd photo! Every time I visit I see so many things I've missed. Golly, I finally figured out that Pixlr, the photo editor I am using, was saving my photos at 85% instead of 100%.....duh, sure makes a big difference! I have been struggling with photos for a long time, I must learn to pay better attention.

  4. I don't know how you ever could walk out and leave this place. There is so much to look at. Everything is so interesting. I love it all; but the quilts really caught my eye. I think I will be coming back to this post again and again. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. I have been visiting this museum since it opened in 1982. I think it would take days to actually see it all. I always enjoy my visits and see something new every time. Hopefully, I can get back during the holidays and take some photos of the needlework that is amazing too!

  5. Everything is just wonderful. I can see why you love to go there. Such tiny work and like the other folks said, done so well. I loved every thing and enjoyed seeing it. thank you for letting us see this. People can really surprise you at what they can make and the gifts they have and the way they use them to make special things like these treasures.

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it Martha. It is truly amazing that hands can make such tiny things so expertly. Miss Mary is supposed to come out for display at Christmas time......I hope I can get there to take photos for you and the ladies that make Izannah reproductions!

  6. I don't know which is more amazing...all those eye-crossingly tiny things, or your photography of them!

  7. Some of the things are so small I could barely see them. They actually have several items that you view through a microscope! If you read my reply to Chip Butter, you will see the problem with my camera....ME!
    I crop and add the borders in Pixlr and realized the other day it was saving my photos at 85% instead of 100.
    I should go back and redo the photos in prior posts, but I'm just too lazy. Lighting was a nightmare, so I just took lots so I could cull them. Glad you enjoyed the peek.

  8. Thanks for sharing! I have always liked "little" things. I especially like the miniature sewing items!

  9. So glad you enjoyed.....some of the sewing items were so small I could hardly see them!

  10. Sherri, these are truly amazing things to see!! I keep thinking ~ what talent some people have!! I love the little houses and all the imagination that comes with them. Of course the quilts are out of this world! Maybe I can see someone making the crazy patch quilt, but a wedding ring quilt? Those are difficult to make even in a large size! Thanks for remembering all your blogging friends with these wonderful pictures.

  11. It's impressive to see the craftsmanship displayed throughout the miniatures & I knew you'd enjoy seeing the quilts. They are truly amazing....such teeny stitches!

  12. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Such detail! I can't imagine. My eyes are not as good as they use to be and I'm am so impressed on how small something can be made. Wow, your pictures are great, even at 85%. (Teehee, I see I'm not the only one that doesn't catch on as fast as we use to.)

  13. I think we should make a date for November!


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