Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tuck Post Cards-Dressing Dolls

This set of six "Dressing Dolls" paper doll postcards
were sold in Great Britain in 1930.  No doubt some
of them made their way across the big pond to mail
boxes here in America. 
Each paper doll has 2 sets of adorable clothing,
matching hats and a pet or toy.  My favorite is
Jack with his sailor outfit and little puppy.

August was a busy month for us here at the
cabin.  Our son and daughter were here at
 same time, something that doesn't happen very
often and we especially enjoyed our time together.
The hubs has been having issues with his neck.
After a couple visits to urgent care he wound up seeing
 a neurosurgeon.  He is doing physical therapy here at 
home in hopes of avoiding surgery.  It was my turn for
a thorough physical & all the subsequent tests.
I am proud to say I survived the dreaded colonoscopy!
I had issues with my needle pushin' finger I jammed
last winter & ended up at urgent care too.  After a 
round of antibiotics it's much better, but I am going to
give it ample time to recover.....again.  No sewing for 
a few weeks.  Although neither of us accomplished much
 this past month, we have enjoyed spending so much extra 
time together.  All in all, were in good health and count
 ourselves very lucky indeed.
We celebrated our 43 wedding anniversary
this week with a date night at Sonic, for a burger
and a sundae.  To quote the hubs "If this had
been a first date, I'd have called for a second."
How sweet is that???
Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both Sherri; sounds like a great evening out. Your hubs is quite a keeper! So happy that you both are in good health. Hope hubs neck improves with the therapy and hope your sewing finger improves quickly too. Look forward to seeing your next craft project. You have shared quite a collection of post cards. Vintage mail is always so fun to look at. Well, Tuesday and Wednesday will be medical appointments for me and my hubs as well. Hope we have good results to celebrate. Then travel time for us; and visiting with family. Take care.

  2. Happy Anniversary! It is always so nice to have our children around isn't it. Our son, his wife, our granddaughter from Loss Angeles and our daughter from Texas will be here in Vermont for ten days at the end of September and we can't wait. It will be the start of foliage season as well so a road trip is in the planning stages. I love the idea of putting paper dolls on post cards, these are sweet! I have my yearly physical in October, dreading it but always feel better after.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Burgers and shakes from the that's our way to celebrate too...even better in your Hubs pickup truck! So good to have the kids home... almost like the good ole' days! Take care of that poor little overworked needle pushin' finger! Fall is a wonderful time to do some porch sittin' and to get out and enjoy the Ozarks. Love the cards...would have "afforded me endless amusement and delight" when I was a young folk.

  4. Thank you for your comment!

  5. 43 years! Wow, Happy anniversary! Love the cards. I remember playing with paper dolls and enjoyed every minute of it. Glad to hear you and hubs are doing better. Golden years right!!!!!! Looking forward to see you in October.

  6. Adorable paper doll postcards. No doubt many a child had a happy day using the cards.

    I'm sorry to hear about your husbands neck issues and I hope the therapy helps to avoid surgery. Take it easy on that hand of yours.

    Happy 43rd Anniversary to both of you. A burger and sundae sound good to me.

  7. Happy Anniversary, you two lovebirds. Take care of that stitchin hand, the world needs your stitchin. (These cards always make me itch to make and dress dolls just like them. Now I have that pink dress and white apron in my head.)

  8. Happy anniversary. So glad you enjoyed your children and being together. Hope your husband is doing better and that your finger gets better too.


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