Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Not So Peaceful Walk

The weather here in southern Missouri has been so nice 
that Cappy and I have been taking daily walks down our 
road to the Swan Creek, just over half a mile. 
 So picturesque, peaceful and quiet! 
 Judy, my walking partner's log cabin 
nestled in the trees.

Cappy & I have been making this same walk for a
 long time, it's beautiful early mornings, late evening, spring,
summer, winter and fall.  Never do I tire of the wild
flowers and trees that change with every season.
Cappy acts like it's the first time, every time.
Even the rocks are fascinating.  We have 
lots of rocks here in the Ozarks!
 Some are quite large!
A long abandoned cabin & old stone building.
 As we near the creek, I see my favorite
sign.  This means we live on a dead end road
 so there is virtually no traffic &
no teenage creek parties.
A large Osage Orange tree grows near the bank.
This time of year I bag several of the fruit, called 
Hedgeballs, to toss around the cabin like the
old timers used to do.
Heading home is all up hill!
Last Monday as we were leaving the creek I
began hearing an odd noise from above.  We were
still in the trees so I couldn't see it.  The Branson airport
is about 20 miles by air from us, it's not a large airport so I 
never see or hear a large plane.  This plane however was getting
 very loud and very close.  As we emerged from the trees I began
 to think something was very wrong.  The odd noise became 
louder and louder, closer and closer.  I'd never heard a plane make 
this kind of sound. As it became a deafening roar and the ground 
began to shake, I froze in my tracks & poor Cappy cowered at my 
feet.  I fully expected a large plane with jet engines aflame to 
crash right in front of us OR on top of us.  I was petrified!
  This emerged over our heads so low & close I could read the A.  
Thankfully is wasn't in flames!
Photo is from the link below.
I was mystified and awestruck & didn't move till it was out of site.
  I paid attention in history, but what was a WWII bomber doing in
 my neck of the woods?  A couple of days later I saw this on the news.
 Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  The hubs is so jealous!!
Resting the finger has done wonders,
 maybe I can hand stitch soon.


  1. Now, I surely enjoyed that wonderful walk down to Swan Creek. I especially enjoyed your line, "Cappy acts like it's the first time, every time." I think people might need to take a few lessons from doggie friends. You were definitely in the right place at the right time to relive a bit of almost-too-real history! I am kind of jealous, too!

  2. I bet my scenery looks very much like yours. We've have had so much rain here it's still very green. The walnut trees are just starting to turn yellow so fall is just around the corner. When I go near my walking shoes Cappy gets so excited. Sometimes, I sneak to the closet to put them on in peace! She has so much fun and never seems to mind the uphill trek back! We can learn so much from our furry friends. I read that the B-29 was designed for a high-altitude bombing role, but excelled in low-altitude nighttime incendiary bombing missions. Hearing the arrival of this plane would have put the fear of God in an enemy of the U.S. I didn't even know what it was & I was scared to death!

  3. What can I say but WOW! You did such an amazing job with the photos that I felt as if I had made the walk along side you and Cappy. I love the old abandoned stone building. Nature is such a wonder and you are very fortunate to be surrounded by such beauty. And what a treat to see a WWII bomber airplane! Thanks for sharing.

  4. It is certainly an enjoyable walk and always changing, but the trek home is a real work out!

  5. I almost feel jealous of your walking trail. Are you ever afraid of seeing a bear? My trail is a rocky road to barns in the pasture; I'm afraid to walk on the main road. A while back, while raking hay, a big shadow came straight toward me from overhead. I thought, what a BIG bird, then heard the plane's engine; a little too close for me, so I can only imagine your fright when you heard the big plane.

    1. I'm lucky to live on a dead end road, I would not be comfortable walking on a road with traffic. Although I take the leash for Cappy she runs free but doesn't wander far from me. We do have a growing population of black bears that are making their way here from northern Arkansas, the number of sightings has grown in the last few years. People around here say they growl with an Arkansas accent..tee hee. Taney county has had some problem with bears damaging bee hives. I have seen 2 bears and one bobcat in all the years we've lived here, but not while walking. We've been startled by deer that jump out on the road way but they don't scare me. Brave Cappy thinks she chases them away! I've seen red fox and often hear coyotes if I walk later in the evening. The bomber's been my biggest scare!

  6. I can imagine you waiting to see what was coming. To see the old planes is neat, but to see one fly overhead is special. the area is beautiful and I am so glad you have such a pretty place to walk all the time, and such a faithful companion to go with you.

    1. Cappy loves the walks and gets so excited when I get the walking shoes. On the uphill trek back, she stops and waits for me to catch up. I feel like she's encouraging me.

  7. What a peaceful and beautiful place to walk! That is a gigantic plane!

  8. Nature is magnificent! We do our daily porch sitting looking at the hummers, butterflies and bees. We always have our eye out for hawks, as we haven't seen any around our place in over a year. Watching the trees change color, clouds...Ahhhhhh, love it!

  9. Dear Sherri. What a wonderful walk you have each morning. I would never tire of the scenery. I am so happy your little walk turned out with a happy ending. My husband too would have loved to have been there to see such a sight. What an experience.

  10. Such a beautiful and serene place you have posted about. I would be shocked to see that big plane fly over!

  11. I enjoyed walking with you and Cappy! That must have been awesome seeing that old plane flying over so close! I would have loved that.

  12. My husband was all the way across the room and saw this from his seat; "Nice plane--what are you reading about?" :D


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