Sunday, September 27, 2015

Machine Sewing---Yuk!

Resting the needle pushing fingers has really done wonders.  However,
It's become clear to me that sewing dolls completely by hand is now
a thing of the past!  I still want to make dolls and enjoy hand sewing,
so I have compromised.  I've spent a frustrating month working on 8
 small (8 inch) simple Prairie dolls.  Bodies and dresses sewn on the 
machine, with an easy to handle amount of finishing hand sewing.  To 
make a long story short, the last dolly went together without removing 
a single stitch or uttering a single curse word.  They certainly aren't 
my best work, but it's a start.
I came across this sewing advice at
My experience with the dreaded machine is
more like this.....
Than this!
I like this version better.
Quilty Pleasures

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Not So Peaceful Walk

The weather here in southern Missouri has been so nice 
that Cappy and I have been taking daily walks down our 
road to the Swan Creek, just over half a mile. 
 So picturesque, peaceful and quiet! 
 Judy, my walking partner's log cabin 
nestled in the trees.

Cappy & I have been making this same walk for a
 long time, it's beautiful early mornings, late evening, spring,
summer, winter and fall.  Never do I tire of the wild
flowers and trees that change with every season.
Cappy acts like it's the first time, every time.
Even the rocks are fascinating.  We have 
lots of rocks here in the Ozarks!
 Some are quite large!
A long abandoned cabin & old stone building.
 As we near the creek, I see my favorite
sign.  This means we live on a dead end road
 so there is virtually no traffic &
no teenage creek parties.
A large Osage Orange tree grows near the bank.
This time of year I bag several of the fruit, called 
Hedgeballs, to toss around the cabin like the
old timers used to do.
Heading home is all up hill!
Last Monday as we were leaving the creek I
began hearing an odd noise from above.  We were
still in the trees so I couldn't see it.  The Branson airport
is about 20 miles by air from us, it's not a large airport so I 
never see or hear a large plane.  This plane however was getting
 very loud and very close.  As we emerged from the trees I began
 to think something was very wrong.  The odd noise became 
louder and louder, closer and closer.  I'd never heard a plane make 
this kind of sound. As it became a deafening roar and the ground 
began to shake, I froze in my tracks & poor Cappy cowered at my 
feet.  I fully expected a large plane with jet engines aflame to 
crash right in front of us OR on top of us.  I was petrified!
  This emerged over our heads so low & close I could read the A.  
Thankfully is wasn't in flames!
Photo is from the link below.
I was mystified and awestruck & didn't move till it was out of site.
  I paid attention in history, but what was a WWII bomber doing in
 my neck of the woods?  A couple of days later I saw this on the news.
 Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.  The hubs is so jealous!!
Resting the finger has done wonders,
 maybe I can hand stitch soon.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tuck Post Cards-Dressing Dolls

This set of six "Dressing Dolls" paper doll postcards
were sold in Great Britain in 1930.  No doubt some
of them made their way across the big pond to mail
boxes here in America. 
Each paper doll has 2 sets of adorable clothing,
matching hats and a pet or toy.  My favorite is
Jack with his sailor outfit and little puppy.

August was a busy month for us here at the
cabin.  Our son and daughter were here at
 same time, something that doesn't happen very
often and we especially enjoyed our time together.
The hubs has been having issues with his neck.
After a couple visits to urgent care he wound up seeing
 a neurosurgeon.  He is doing physical therapy here at 
home in hopes of avoiding surgery.  It was my turn for
a thorough physical & all the subsequent tests.
I am proud to say I survived the dreaded colonoscopy!
I had issues with my needle pushin' finger I jammed
last winter & ended up at urgent care too.  After a 
round of antibiotics it's much better, but I am going to
give it ample time to recover.....again.  No sewing for 
a few weeks.  Although neither of us accomplished much
 this past month, we have enjoyed spending so much extra 
time together.  All in all, were in good health and count
 ourselves very lucky indeed.
We celebrated our 43 wedding anniversary
this week with a date night at Sonic, for a burger
and a sundae.  To quote the hubs "If this had
been a first date, I'd have called for a second."
How sweet is that???
Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.